To ensure you stay comfortable even in the nippy days of winter, you need to have the right system to complement your home and your personal needs. A gas furnace is among the better options for home heating in our region. However, buying the right gas furnace requires a bit more knowledge. Online searches and asking colleagues can gain you some suggestions, but how can you know which system is the best fit for your unique home’s design? Adding to the confusion are the numerous sales pitches on TV and radio as well as online ads designed to grab your attention.

To help you navigate through all the “noise” generated by these various sources, American AC Heat Plumbing is providing this information to give you a basic understanding of gas furnaces, what to look for, and how to choose a provider.

Getting the basics clear

To begin with, you have to understand what type of gas furnace you need. Furnaces are designed to generate heat and move the warm air throughout the home. However, based on type and model, the mechanisms may differ. There are three types of gas furnaces. These are:

  • Single-stage furnace – this is a furnace having a single output; basically on or off.
  • Two-stage furnace – this furnace provides low and high output, depending on need.
  • Variable speed furnace- this high-end design offers varying speeds and additional features.

Several manufacturers sell gas furnaces across this range including Bryant, Ruud, American Standard, Goodman, and Lennox. All of these brands are reputable and make a range of furnaces to match budgetary needs.

Analyzing the budget vs. usage needs

A trustworthy installation company will help you evaluate which system is best for your home and your budget. While single-stage furnaces are less expensive, they do not offer the range of options and features as the other designs. Variable-speed furnaces are the most expensive, but they also offer more advantages including quieter operation, better air filtration, humidity controls, and lower operating cost. Some even provide features like Wi-Fi control for added convenience.

Most companies that sell gas furnaces in this area will provide gas furnace service in Los Angeles as well. Some budgetary considerations should be made for regular checkups and maintenance over the life of the system to keep it running efficiently.

Energy ratings also matter

The present generation of gas furnaces are more energy-efficient than previous models, and users are reaping the benefits in lower operating costs. You can check these specifics on the manufacturer’s website. No matter how long you use your furnace through the winter months, this factor is an essential consideration. The cost of running a model with poor efficiency will grow into significant waste over the life of the system. We recommend buying the most energy-efficient furnace in your budget.

Check the warranty details

When you buy a gas furnace, regardless of the type and manufacturer, check the warranty for duration and terms. Generally, the top brands offer a comprehensive warranty on their products. However, you need to check the details as there can be some exclusions.  Additionally, after the warranty period has expired, you will want to be aware of the best gas furnace repair near me in the event of an unexpected need.

Buy your system from a reliable agency

It makes sense to buy a gas furnace from a reliable agency operating in your region. We suggest that you contact a potential provider over the phone or check its website in detail. It would also be a good idea to check out customer reviews. These reviews can be found in social media profiles easily.

Most of the agencies selling gas furnaces will also offer maintenance and tune-up services. By signing up for such packages, you can lengthen the lifespan of the device. For a one-stop solution for gas furnace buying and repair needs, you can count on American AC Heat Plumbing.


James Smith

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