Here at American AC Heat Plumbing, we’re big believers in social responsibility, and we try our best to help our heating and air conditioning clients and the community as much as possible. In addition to offering the best possible service that we can, we strive to join our community in progressive and beneficial initiatives. With that said, we’re pleased to announce that American AC Heat Plumbing has donated to and continues to support the OPCC Daybreak Program.

OPCC, (formerly the Ocean Park Community Center), is a network of shelters and services for low-income and homeless youth, adults and families, battered women and their children and people living with mental illness. Founded in 1963, it is a community-supported organization in which staff, volunteers and clients work together with mutual respect to address the effects of poverty, abuse, neglect and discrimination. OPCC’s success with our clients stems from the full range of services provided by our ten main programs: the Access Center, Campion Mental Health, Daybreak Day Center and Shelter, k9 connection, Night Light, Safe Haven, Samoshel, Shwashlock, Sojourn Services for Battered Women and Their Children and Turning Point.

The specific program to which American AC Heat Plumbing has donated is the Daybreak Program. This program was founded in 1987 and serves as the only program on the Westside designed for homeless women suffering from long-term debilitating mental illness. Seven days a week, the Center opens its doors and gives these vulnerable women respite from a difficult and challenging day to day existence and a place where their unique disabilities are understood. Services of the center include the following:

  •  Food, shelter, clothing, and showers
  • Mailing address
  • Support groups
  • Case management
  • Sleeping cots
  • On-site health care
  • Special activities
  • Counseling and benefits advocacy

American AC Heat Plumbing is extremely proud to be contributing to this outstanding initiative and we always look forward to giving back to our community!


James Smith

As you can tell from our humble beginnings in 1981, we began as a family-owned business and stayed a locally owned air conditioning and heating company in Los Angeles county for nearly 40 years.