According to Energy Star, with proper attic insulation a typical home can save 11% of its total energy consumption and save 20% in energy bills for its heating and cooling system. Attics cover a sizeable portion of your house and hence play a significant role in holding and circulating a large amount of conditioned air. Hence, proper insulation in the attic will keep your home feeling warmer throughout the winter and a lot cooler during the summer.

Attic Insulation Keeps Summer Heat Waiting

Proper attic insulation prevents summer’s hot air from entering the house. Hot air tends to rise and an attic is the best place for hot summer air to creep inside your home and destabilize the efforts of your HVAC in maintaining a cool temperature. By properly insulating your attic, you seal the cool air inside your house and prevent hot air from seeping in.

Attic Insulation Keeps Winter Breeze Out

Proper attic insulation prevents chilly winter air from seeping in through your attic and sapping the air inside the house of all its warmth. As your HVAC warms the internal air, the hot air starts to collect in the upper regions of the house, especially the attic. Unless the attic is properly insulated, the cold outside air will easily get in and the energy consumed in heating the air will be lost. Insulating your attic aids your HVAC containing heat within the house and preventing cold air from seeping in.

Insulating Your Attic — Other Benefits

Apart from keeping your house isolated from the outside environment, increasing the efficiency of your HVAC, and reducing utility bills,attic insulation offers the following benefits:

  • It offers Tax Benefits — Insulating your attic properly could make you eligible to receive tax benefits from the US Department of Energy. The DOE grants a tax credit of up to 30% when you get your home insulated. For further information, visit the DOE Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit Page (here).
  • It Increases the Value of Your Home — Home buyers hope to move in a house they have purchased as soon as possible but the biggest post-purchase repairs include the heating and cooling system, plumbing, and insulation. Most potential homebuyers will find it as added incentive if the house they are purchasing has been well insulated.
  • It Gives You Extra Space — Insulating the attic allows your HVAC to easily regulate its temperature as well. As a result, you will find your attic more comfortable and hence hospitable. This gives you additional room for any number of things you want to do with it.

Insulating Your Attic

Your attic is the crown room of your house and hence plays a central part in economically regulating the temperature of your house. By insulating it properly you not only reduce the time required by your air conditioning unit to regulate the temperature to desired level of thermal comfort, you are increasing its efficiency, reducing energy costs, increasing the value of your home, gaining tax benefits, and additional space for yourself.

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