The San Fernando Valley is hot during the summer, on that we can all agree. And even though our air conditioners keep us cool, all of us have one worry dangling over our heads — the seasonal bills. Wouldn’t it be nice if the scorching heat can do more than just toast your HVAC’s external equipment, the rooftop, and the walls. What if your HVAC could be powered by solar energy? Let us simply outline how it’s possible, its cost-effectiveness, and its convenience.

Going Solar on HVACs — A Choice with Many Benefits

Going solar on your HVACs can be a great choice for the following reasons.

  • Solar is Free — apart from the initial, rebated and discounted, infrastructure cost, solar energy systems allow you to get back at all that scorching heat rays that the sun has been sending towards your home.
  • Solar is Renewable and Clean — generating electricity from solar is environmentally friendly. It has no impact on global climate. Furthermore, the energy supplied by the sun is infinite and hence the possibility of a power outage for your HVAC is remote.
  • Solar Reduces Bills — Solar energy significantly reduces bills as you only have to depend on electricity firms for that “maybe” moment when the solar panels are not delivering enough power (perhaps in winters or cloudy days). Add to this that the latest solar PV systems allow you to “store” the extra energy your solar system is generating on their grid and use it later, and you have a great cost reducing utility right on your roof top.

With so many benefits, it’s only reasonable to conclude that homeowners should seriously consider going solar on their HVACS. But, wait. There is a question begging to be answered here. Is it even possible to power your HVAC and its heat pump with solar alone?

Going Solar on HVACs — Is it Possible?

To answer the previous question, yes it is possible to power your HVAC with solar energy. There are two fundamental types of solar systems that allow you to easily power the HVAC system:

  • Grid-tied PV systems — It is the most common (yes, it has been around for quite a while!) and the least expensive of all residential solar systems that can power the HVACs. Furthermore, the system allows net-metering because of which any additional electricity generated by your solar system will be fed back to the grid and later used without you having to pay for it!
  • Stand-alone PV systems — Your home and your HVAC will be powered from an independent utility grid. This may pose cost problems if you are located in a remote area.

So, in conclusion, going solar with your HVAC is possible. It is completely up to you to decide if you want to.This article was provided by American AC Heat Plumbing. Since 1981, American Air has been providing professional air conditioning and heating service and repair. Check out their $99 tune-up special – good for your air conditioner or furnace!


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