Getting your furnace ready for the cooler months is a must. Preventative maintenance is simply to do and can avoid costly emergency visits by contractors. While an annual furnace check-up by a contractor will help avoid bigger repairs, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your furnace running smoothly. 

Filters: Having clean filters in your furnace keeps the unit running efficiently. Your home’s environment, such as having pets or smokers in the house, will dictate how often you should change the filter. Check it monthly. Most filters need to be changed everyone to three months during the winter. Purchasing more than one filter at a time may be more cost-effective, and it’s easier to have them on hand when you need to change them. 

Clean Out Air Ducts: Cleaning out the air ducts in your home is another way to help your furnace work efficiently. Dust and pet hairs gather in the ducts and make heat circulation less efficient. Vacuum out the ducts before you turn your furnace on for the winter months. It’s important to keep items away from the heating ducts during the winter. It’s important to check outside vents or ducts and clear them of any debris. 

Keep the Area Around Your Furnace Clean: Furnaces use surrounding air for circulation. Keep the clutter away from the furnace for both circulation and avoidance of fire hazards. This is also advisable if you need to have work done on the furnace. 

Inspect Belts and Fixtures: If you’re comfortable checking the internal workings of the furnace, make sure the burners are clear of dust and debris. Check the belts for any cracks or wear and tear. Oil any necessary working gears. Make sure your pilot light is functioning. 

Have your furnace checked by a professional contractor to ensure all parts are in good working condition. They will also check over the ducts to make sure there are no gaps in them. Having a professional do a quick maintenance check will save you money and an emergency visit during the winter months. 

Here at American AC Heat Plumbing we can help your furnace reach its maximum lifespan with furnace maintenance solutions, repairs and installations. Our technicians perform a 29-point inspection during all service calls. We’ve been right here in the Inglewood but cater to the San Fernando Valley area for almost 38 years. Contact us today for your next HVAC needs!


James Smith

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