If you recall, in a previous blog we highlighted some key components that might be the suspect, preventing your heating system from functioning properly.

Before you decide to dish out any cash on service or repairs, let’s examine some preliminary steps to determine if repairs are really needed:

  •  A good place to start is the power source. Examine blown fuses or any tripped circuit breakers at the main power supply source. Some furnaces have the power supply source located at a different panel; look for it somewhere around the main entrance panel. On some models, the fuses can be found in or on the unit.
  • Most units have a RESET button near the motor housing. Before pressing this button, wait at least 30 minutes just to let the motor cool down. In case the unit fails to start, wait 30 minutes again before pressing the RESET button. Repeat again before moving on to the next step.
  • Your model may come with a standalone power switch; make sure it’s turned on.
  • Ensure the thermostat is in the correct position; raise it to the desired level just to make sure.
  • If it’s a gas unit, make sure gas is coming through and the pilot light is lit. If it runs on oil, simply ensure there is adequate oil for operation.

In an upcoming blog, we’re looking at some safety tips for your heating system operation. Stay tuned!


James Smith

As you can tell from our humble beginnings in 1981, we began as a family-owned business and stayed a locally owned air conditioning and heating company in Los Angeles county for nearly 40 years.