Hot furnaces are generally easy to maintain, especially if they are serviced at regular intervals. Irrespective of the make or type you have, there are a number of measures you can take to keep your furnace running in tip top condition, or troubleshoot any issues that may be present.

In any situation where a heating (or even cooling) system malfunctions, these three components are most likely to be the prime suspects – the source of the heat or cold, the thermostat or the distribution system.

Let’s say your furnace refuses to fire up, it’s the source that’s at fault. It may have lost power. Perhaps it’s unable to burn fuel. If the source of power happens to be gas or oil, it might be failing to ignite. Even if your heating system turns on and warm air fails to reach various sections of your home, you’re looking at a blower, or distribution system failure.

Similarly, a dodgy thermostat may keep the system from turning on or intermittently turn on/off. In any case, use the process of elimination and incorporate the simplest solutions first. It’s reassuring to know, in most cases, exercising a little patience, common sense and know-how is all it takes.

Check back with us soon as we outline some preliminary troubleshooting steps in greater detail.


James Smith

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