Hot Weather Comes Suddenly To The San Fernando Valley

The Santa Ana winds are once again revving up to bring the desert heat and that means summer is almost here. The San Fernando Valley — encircled by Santa Susana, San Gabriel, Verdugo, and Santa Monica Mountain ranges and the Simi hills — has no way of naturally beating the hot and dry summer season that usually lasts through to October. There will be heat waves (the normal ones, the extreme ones, and the ones by Santa Ana), the air will thirst for moisture, the inland cool air will get blocked by the mountains and the hills, and the coastal fog from Santa Monica will not do much good either. It’s up to the homeowners now to face the onslaught of the hot and dry summer.

Get Your Air Conditioners Tuned-Up Now

In most homes, the air conditioners have not been running on full throttle since last summer and it is high time to get your air conditioner tuned–up. Get your air conditioner tested, get the refrigerants pressurized or refilled, the coils and associated equipment fully serviced, the fan motors checked, the filters changed, and any failing equipment replaced.

What Will Happen If You Don’t?

We all know how unpredictable even the summer weather is when it comes to the San Fernando Valley. One day it is perfectly pleasant and the next day the heat wave can drain your AC dry of its cooling liquids (if they have not been pressurized or refilled)


Have it gobbling huge chunks of energy (in case the coils, fan motors, and electronic equipment not being maintained or serviced)


Have it contaminating the internal air with allergens or pollutant rich particles (if the air ducts have not been cleaned or the air filters have not been changed).

The San Fernando Valley is heading towards yet another summer sneak-up — and if you are not prepared, it will come on to you without warning. You wouldn’t want to spend a day, or even a few hours without your air conditioner if it were to break down because of excessive load or heat up. Ready your air conditioner and the HVAC for this summer, because a break down might happen: the heat waves, especially the Santa Ana can heat the thermostats to a whopping 108F.

Tune-it-Up —Call a Pro!

Homeowners can perform a couple DIY jobs, changing the air filters, cleaning parts of the air ducts and the outside air conditioning unit, but once this is done it is time to get in touch with a pro. In the hands of one of our pro technicians, your air conditioner will be running optimally in no time, ready to cool your home through this summer and beyond.

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James Smith

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