When it is time for a new furnace, setting up the system properly is a priority for any homeowner. The weather is becoming more unpredictable, and winter is growing near. However, to prepare yourself for a new furnace installation, you need to know some details of the process before contacting an HVAC agency. Like most people in your situation, you are curious about the time required for installing and setting up a new furnace in your home. American AC Heat Plumbing is your solution for furnace installation near me and can answer all of your questions.

Factors that affect furnace installation

There are a number of factors that affect furnace installation and the time required for installation. Typically, setting up a new furnace will not take more than 8 – 12 hours, though some rare circumstances may lengthen the process.

  • The capacity and size – To begin with, not every furnace have the same heating capacity or size. Typically, setting up a large capacity furnace with added ductwork and components will take more time compared to a smaller furnace.
  • Type – you have a choice between gas and electric driven furnaces, depending on which system works best for your home and needs. However, installation time should not be a determining factor. Electric furnaces take only about two hours longer to install than gas furnaces.
  • Electric setup – The electrical system in each home is unique. In some cases, the HVAC professional needs to install additional wiring to accommodate the unit for capacity and safety. It may be necessary to replace old, worn wiring with new electrical lines. These considerations will naturally add to the overall installation time.
  • Type of work – If you need just a new furnace to be set up, it can usually be completed in 8-12 hours. However, in some instances, additional components in the HVAC setup may have to be replaced. With added components come additional installation times, and the comprehensive project may take much longer.
  • Replacement – When replacing an old furnace, some necessary measures may add time to the removal and installation to ensure the safety of the home and the technicians are protected.
  • Other factors – Sometimes, the furnace installation may take up more time than usual owing to certain factors. For example, in inclement weather conditions, setting up the HVAC system or certain parts of it may take unpredicted added time. Additionally, when the installer demonstrates the furnace functions with the purchaser, this process may take longer depending on the number of functions of the furnace and thermostat.

How you can ensure furnace setup does not get delayed

You can help reduce delays by conducting the following:

  • Check the wiring and electric set up at the home for issues like blown fuses or circuit breakers. Having any known issues in the home addressed before installation will help the installer complete the job quickly.
  • When the job is quoted, be sure to ask about any required preparation work. It may be necessary to have some carpentry or metal-related work done prior to installing the furnace. However, sometimes these small tasks are best performed by the installer to ensure it meets specification. Be sure to ask your HVAC installer about a preference in this area.

Hiring the right agency

There are several HVAC companies that offer furnace installation in Los Angeles. You can check with multiple agencies and compare their quotes. However, sometimes you just want to be able to trust a company that can be relied upon without going through the elaborate assessment and comparison! In that case, your best choice is American AC Heat Plumbing. We handle all types of furnace installation, service, and related services. To learn more about our range of services, call 1-800-321-9494.


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