As part of your home management duties, it is your goal to keep everything in your place in shape. One of the things that you need to understand the most is how your HVAC system works. Below are questions dealing with parts of your system and getting the best service when it comes to repairs.

What is the cause of the compressor running when the fan inside has already clicked off? Freon also keeps circulating in the same scenario.

This inconsistency in turn-off operations is usually caused by a stuck contactor in the outdoor unit. Another possible reason is that the indoor fan is overheating and automatically shuts off.

The central air conditioning appears to always run and blows cool air only and not cold. What’s causing this?

There are many possible reasons for this happening. One is that your condenser is dirty. Also, evaporator coils may need to be cleaned. Another is an insufficient flow of air around the condenser. Check for leaks. If there is a leak in the duct system, your system may have already run out of refrigerant.

The outside parts of my air conditioner are frozen. Is it because of the low air temperature?

It is not the air’s temperature that’s causing this. It might be the high humidity of air outdoors. In times when there is high humidity, your evaporator can get too cold. This is in turn gives it the ability to freeze extra moisture in the air.

The efficiency of my air conditioner seems to be impaired. What is the first thing to check?

The first thing that we advise people to do is to check their filters. Dirty filters don’t allow enough air flow to the system. You can clean them, but on the average, filters must be changed at least once a month. If you have pets or operations in your place produce dust, filter replacements must be done more frequently.

How is an air conditioner with a programmable thermostat different?

A programmable thermostat allows for more convenient and more energy-efficient use of air conditioners. This kind of thermostat is able to sense the temperature of a room and manages the HVAC system based on schedules set by the user. The owner can preset temperatures for different times of the day.

Most advanced programmable thermostats have smart memory chips to allow the HVAC to perform an optimized start. Pre-cooling a facility to the right temperature is possible. Programmable thermostats can prepare the right cooling or heating temperature based on internal and external conditions.

My air conditioner is dripping and forming a puddle on the floor. Can you tell me what I can do?

Inspect your condensate drains. The usual reason for this is clogging on those drains. The primary function of these parts is to carry excess moisture out of your home. Clogging can be caused by mold and mildew growth. This is the reason why it is recommended to occasionally call a technician to assess and clean your drains, if necessary.

What are the things to replace when upgrading my AC system?

It will be determined if there is a need to change the equipment. In many cases, equipment change is not necessary. If it is necessary, a service will not only involve equipment replacement. The technician will have to check several items. He will have to determine if items have to be replaced or supplied. He will check these items: evaporator coil, drain pans, grills, registers, slabs, condensate piping, thermostat, wiring, electrical components, refrigerant piping, insulation and ductwork. Afterwards, he will tell you if the entire system needs to be replaced.

What do I need to do when looking for an HVAC contractor?

Ask around for contractors that are licensed in your state. Make sure that they possess necessary insurance backup that they need to have in order to fully protect themselves and their clients in case of emergencies. Also, list down important points to tell the contractor, such as the current HVAC system that you have and the maintenance history of this system. Take note of rooms that don’t get sufficient air conditioning. This will help technicians have a better understanding of your cooling and heating needs and lead them to the right solution on how to fix the problems you are experiencing.

Will they help me find a better system or a system with the right size?

A good contractor will illuminate you on this matter. You are to expect a home assessment from them. In air conditioning systems, it is not always true that bigger systems are better. The contractor will determine the right size based on these factors:

  • Insulation
  • Size of the house
  • Windows/Doors

Aside from determining the right size, it might also be necessary for the technician to measure air flow to your house. The duct system might also be checked for possibilities of air leaks. Everything in your home needs to be checked if compatibility requirements set by the HVAC manufacturer have been met.

How can I save money when buying a new HVAC system?

The best saving technique to buying a new system is to get itemized estimates from different contractors. Compare proposals, costs, warranties and energy efficiency. Don’t be coaxed by a contractor who offers the lowest price. The cheapest offering doesn’t guarantee that you will have lower energy consumption.

It’s summer once again, but my bills are higher compared to those of the previous summer. Why is this so?

The one year difference is not a significant period of time for you to have significant difference in your bills. Something else might be causing the huge change. If the difference in time is not at all significant, the usual culprit is a major defect in the system. An undetected air leak might be the reason. Something causing your system to work harder can also be investigated. Or is there a spike to the summer heat compared to the previous summer season? Or there is an increased use of your air conditioning system this summer? At any rate, you want this problem diagnosed by an expert as early as possible.

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