Your AC system is one of the most essential systems in your home. For much of the year, Southern California experiences hot weather, and you want to be able to eat, work, relax, and sleep comfortably.

Since it’s such an important system, you can’t trust just any company when you need maintenance, repairs, or other services for your AC system. Choosing the wrong company can end up costing you more money and may not even solve the problem.

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When choosing a company for air conditioning services in Long Beach, then, you should look at a number of factors:

  • Are They Licensed and Insured? Any quality AC repair service will display its professional licenses and other qualifications prominently. Likewise, they’ll make it very clear that they’re fully insured. A company that doesn’t make that information easily accessible may be hiding that it doesn’t have those qualifications and assurances.
  • What Levels of Experience, Knowledge, and Professionalism Do They Have? Experience, knowledge, and the right equipment are all equally important. While a lot of knowledge comes from experience, professional training is still required to be a competent AC technician. Look for companies that have been in business longer and display their technicians’ qualifications and training. Also, look for professionalism when speaking with them. If you don’t get that vibe of professionalism, then you might want to look elsewhere.
  • Do They Offer Emergency Services? AC systems don’t always malfunction at convenient times if there’s ever such a time. What happens if your AC goes down in the middle of a hot night or on a holiday weekend? Does the company you’re looking at provide 24/7 services? If not, you could be waiting an uncomfortably long time for that repair.
  • What Are Their Rates? AC repairs can range from big to small, which means that costs can vary greatly. Before committing to a service, try looking around for average prices for the work you need to be done. If a quote strikes you as unreasonably high, ask for a detailed breakdown or get quotes from other companies to compare. In addition to being on the lookout for prices that seem too high, be wary of prices that seem especially low. When a quote is a lot lower than expected or in comparison to other companies, that can be a warning sign. One concern is that they’re offering a cut-rate because they don’t have the experience or the tools for the job, meaning they might not provide the fix you need. They might even make it worse! Another concern is that low prices mask the lack of professional certifications or insurance. Finally, a low price can be a bait to reel people in, and then, once they’re in, they might tack on extra fees that drive the final cost a lot higher. Always look for services that give a precise quote upfront and guarantee no hidden charges.
  • What Do Their Customers Have To Say? Finally, go on Yelp or other review sites and see what others have said about them. Pay especially close attention to negative reviews and to how the company responds to them. The more reviews, especially positive ones, the better.

American AC Heat Plumbing: Reliable and Trusted

If you need air conditioning repairs in Long Beach, zip code 90713, or any other AC services, you’ll find that American AC Heat Plumbing checks all of the items above. We’re fully licensed and insured, we’ve been a regional leader for years, and we offer reasonable rates with guarantees behind all our work.

Do you need an AC repair or other service? We’ll take care of your AC, so it takes care of you. Contact us at American AC Heat Plumbing today!


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