When you’re looking for furnace replacement in Los Angeles, you might wonder if it’s worth upgrading to a variable speed furnace. Many LA homeowners are curious about variable speed furnaces now that these models have entered the market. Like the name implies, these furnaces can operate at different speeds depending on your home’s needs.

Changing to a variable speed furnace can seem like an easy decision. Homeowners love the idea of taking control of their utility bills by getting the most out of their furnaces. However, a variable speed furnace is a major investment. You should consider your long-term plans to decide if a new furnace is the best decision for your situation. Let’s explore variable speed furnaces, their benefits, how they can save you money, and whether a variable speed furnace is a right choice for you.

What Is A Variable Speed Furnace?

Variable speed furnaces run at different speeds to give you more control over the hot air in your house. Traditional furnaces operate at the same rate all the time, but a variable furnace’s speed motor can run at different levels, allowing you to vary your heating.

Variable speed furnaces are “smart” systems that are always busy monitoring data on your heating and cooling system. These furnaces self-adjust to always keep your house at a constant, comfortable temperature. When you’re asking where you can find furnace replacement near me, you might be interested in variable speed furnaces to help automate your home environment. These furnaces help keep your house at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the engine level needed.

A variable speed furnace also offers a quieter, less obtrusive heating experience than a standard furnace. Variable speed motors come to up full speed through a gradual process, not the sudden, noisy kick-on of a traditional furnace. These models help you make your home into a peaceful sanctuary.

Who Can Benefit From A Variable Speed Furnace?

Variable speed models offer many benefits to homeowners looking for a furnace replacement in Los Angeles. These models are ideal for modern smart homes. Since variable speed furnaces monitor the temperature and performance of your heating and cooling systems, they take the guesswork out of maintaining a comfortable home. These furnaces automatically keep your house at your preferred temperature. If you’re looking for hands-on convenience and reliability, a variable speed furnace can streamline your home life.

How Does A Variable Speed Furnace Save You Money?

A high-efficiency variable speed furnace can reduce your utility bills. When you’re looking for a furnace replacement near me, it’s important to choose a high-efficiency furnace, regardless of the model style. High-efficiency furnaces are industry-leading models which have heat usage ratings of 90% or above.

Let’s take a moment to explore the efficiency rating. The rating number represents the amount of energy that the furnace turns to heat. For example, a furnace that’s rated 90% efficient turns 90% of its energy into heat and loses 10% in the process. Furnaces that are rated high-efficiency transform most of their power into heat and only lose very little due to operations.

The more efficient your furnace is, the less power is being lost in the transformation. Higher rated furnaces save you money because they use less power while heating your house to the same temperature.

Additionally, variable speed furnaces are more efficient than traditional models. This potentially translates into huge savings on your utility costs.

Is It Worth Upgrading To A Variable Speed Furnace?

Variable speed furnaces are efficient, but how do you know if a variable furnace is the best choice for you? These furnaces are more effective than traditional models, but every homeowner’s situation is different. You need to examine the specifics of your furnace, home, and future plans to decide if furnace replacement in Los Angeles is a wise move.

Take a look at your existing furnace and its efficiency rating. Your current furnace may already be performing well, especially if it is a relatively new model. If your furnace is at 90% efficiency or higher and is less than 10 years old, installing a new variable speed furnace won’t show a big change in your utility bills. You may see a savings of $50 or $100 a year, but that doesn’t make up for the cost of a new furnace.

However, if your furnace is older, less efficient, or a single speed model, then it may be worth upgrading your furnace to a variable speed model. A furnace’s total energy consumption combines the gas it uses for heat, as well as electricity used to blow hot air around your home. Single speed blowers use the same rate all the time, regardless of whether that’s the best speed for the given temperature conditions. Since these furnaces only have one speed, they often use more power than is necessary. This leads to lower efficiency ratings and higher utility bills.

When Is A Variable Speed Furnace Worth The Money?

When you’re looking for a furnace replacement in Los Angeles, a variable speed furnace may be the best choice. These versatile models will help you save money on your utility bills if you meet certain circumstances:

  • Your furnace is ten years old or older. Older machines can lose efficiency as they age through wear and tear or damage.
  • Your furnace does not have a variable speed motor. Traditional, single-speed furnaces can only run at one speed, even when that speed uses more power than is truly necessary.

If your furnace meets these descriptions, upgrading to a variable speed furnace can save you hundreds of utility costs every year. Over time, these savings will pay for the cost of investing in a new furnace for your home.


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