While it may be tempting to neglect to schedule an AC tune-up for budget reasons, having annual AC tune-ups may save money in the long run. Especially in warmer climates like Los Angeles, AC units undergo a good deal of wear and tear during the hot summers. A major investment such as an AC deserves regular maintenance checks in order to expand longevity, increase efficiency, prevent expensive repairs, ensure safety and proper operation, and decrease electrical costs.

Prevent Expensive Repairs

Annual air conditioning tune-ups will prevent small problems from becoming expensive repairs in the future. By catching small issues while they are easy to fix, they will not have the chance to evolve into a bigger, more complicated issue.

For instance, a clogged condensate drain is simple to resolve as long as it is noticed early on. If a clogged condensate drain is left alone for an extended period of time, it can lead to mold growth, damaged sheetrock, and corrosion of the HVAC system. These consequences will be more complex and expensive to fix than simply unclogging the drain beforehand.

While regular tune-ups are not a guarantee that an AC will not have any problems at all, they will definitely help identify small repairs before they turn into bigger problems.

How Often?

Air conditioning tune-ups are recommended to be completed on an annual basis. After the unit has had a long period of rest during the colder seasons, it is a good idea to give the AC a proper tune-up before the exhaustive heat of summer.

Compare this to driving a car that has been sitting in a garage for a long time. It would be prudent to take the car to a mechanic for customary maintenance before taking the car on a long road trip. For example, an oil change, tire rotation, headlight, and brake light test, and other common vehicle maintenance checks would be crucial in order to trust the car to operate normally after it had been sitting idle for an extended period of time.

By making sure the AC is in top condition before frequent use is required of it, the hassle and inconvenience of fixing a broken machine during the hottest days of the year will be avoided. Since spring is a popular time for AC tune-ups, beat the crowds and schedule your inspection early.

Health and Safety

Households are full of appliances that rely on electricity, which poses potential fire hazards. Having AC tune-ups will decrease the chances of a house fire or other electrical damage since the electrical components are thoroughly checked during an inspection.

Examining and replacing air filters are also completed during an AC tune-up. Ensuring that all air filters are clean, will reduce the harmful airborne pollutants that can cause allergies, asthma flare-ups, and other respiratory illnesses.

Decrease Electrical Costs

AC systems will inevitably lose operating efficiency each year. However, regular maintenance will greatly slow the decline. When an air conditioner is performing at peak efficiency, the house will cool properly, which results in the AC running less often. This of course means that electrical costs will decrease. In addition, an AC unit attempting to keep up with cooling a home while it is not at peak efficiency will undergo more wear and tear, which could lead to costly repairs.

Expand Longevity

As previously mentioned, AC systems will inevitably lose operating efficiency each year. Another way to battle this decline is by having the unit regularly inspected to keep it in tip-top shape. A neglected AC unit will have a shorter lifespan than one that receives annual tune-ups and cleanings. Since tune-ups will increase efficiency, and efficiency translates to a longer lifespan, AC tune-ups will ultimately expand the longevity of the unit. A well-designed and properly maintained air conditioning unit can last upwards of ten to fifteen years.

Keep The Warranty Valid

Some manufacturers actually require annual tune-ups as a part of their warranty programs. Ignoring maintenance could result in a voided warranty. Manufacturers will only want to cover AC repair or replacement costs if they know that the homeowner put in the work to take care of the unit. Do not neglect maintenance and risk a revoked warranty. Check the warranty on your air conditioner to ensure that you are following protocol.

What’s Included in an American AC Heat Plumbing AC Tune-Up

When searching “AC tune-up near me,” be sure to also research what is included in the air conditioning tune-up. Some companies will refer to this service as an AC inspection rather than an AC tune-up; both will accomplish the same purpose. A thorough air conditioning tune-up will include:

  • Checking for proper refrigerant level
  • Checking outside condensing coil
  • Inspecting filters
  • Inspecting breakers and fuses
  • Lubricating moving mechanical parts
  • Checking operating temperatures
  • Examining voltage and amperage
  • Calibrating the thermostat
  • Inspecting the auxiliary drain pan
  • Inspecting electrical connections
  • Inspecting the main drain line
  • Examining safety controls
  • Checking the compressor fan and blower motor
  • Inspecting refrigerant lines
  • Inspecting drain pump
  • Inspecting blower and components

Different companies vary in the quality of their AC inspections. Perform in-depth research before choosing who to contact. Remember that customer reviews are a great indicator of the quality of a company, as well as its technicians and services.

For any homeowners in the Los Angeles area, it is recommended to schedule air conditioning tune-ups on an annual basis. As discussed, springtime specifically is the most advantageous time to have an AC inspected in order to beat the heat with an AC unit that is operating at optimal efficiency. AC tune-ups are beneficial for the whole family by lessening the chance of electrical fires and keeping the air clean and clear of harmful airborne pollutants. Giving an air conditioning unit regular maintenance will prevent small issues from becoming bigger, more expensive problems. Along with avoiding costly repairs, AC tune-ups also save money by decreasing the electrical bill. AC technicians can identify the smallest discrepancies in a unit’s operations, and judge whether or not it is running at full performance.

AC machines that are well cared for will deliver peak efficiency, ensure safety, and last a long time. Do not wait to schedule an AC tune-up for your unit this year!


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