Central heating and air conditioning costs account for a large part of your household expenses but they are unavoidable because you can’t live without proper heating and cooling in the extreme weather of Thousand Oaks. However, there are several new innovations in the industry that allow you to make home heating more budget and environment-friendly. One of the many new technologies available in the market is the geothermal pump-based heating system.

Geothermal pump systems are efficient and effective.

While installing the entire system from scratch does sound expensive, there are several benefits you can gain from installing this system that will far outweigh the costs. Here are 5 main reasons why you should consider installing geothermal pumps for heating right away:

It’s Offers a High Return on Investment

The geothermal heating system makes for a worthy investment. If you get it installed in a new construction, the savings you will make in energy costs will offset the installation cost of this system in only a few months. Even in existing constructions, the replacement of the heating system with geothermal would result in positive cash flows after a short time. Moreover, getting a geothermal system installed also increases your house’s value substantially.

It Has Efficient Operations

Compared to traditional heating systems, the operating costs of a geothermal heating system are extremely low. While a gas furnace offers as much as 94% efficiency at best, the geothermal heating system are known to deliver up to 400% efficiency. This means that for every single unit of electricity used, you will get 4 units of energy.

It Operates Quietly

Since geothermal heating systems operate without any outdoor unit, there is no noise. It creates as much noise as a refrigerator, on average. Also, since geothermal heating units are not subjected to wear and tear by vandalism, ice, rain or snow, they tend to be reliable and durable, lasting longer than typical heating systems.

It Has a Low Environmental Impact

According to the US Department of Energy and EPA, a geothermal heating system is the most environment-friendly heating option for your home. There are no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gas emissions from this system, making the overall air quality much better. Furthermore, this system uses less electricity so it also reduces overall energy consumption of a household.

It Offers Clean and Safe Indoor Air Quality

A geothermal heat pump doesn’t use combustion so there are no carbon monoxide emissions. The added efficiency of air cleaners in this system combined with the lack of monoxide poisoning ensure that the air in your house is safe and clean.

So, if you are planning to get a heating system replaced any time soon, you should definitely consider a geothermal pump heating system. It is far more efficient and beneficial and proves to be a good investment.

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