Winters might be over before you know it, but it’s never too early to start contemplating heating service costs and finding ways to cut back. A furnace tune-up done on a timely basis can also save you a few bucks down the line, without the need for heavy furnace repairs or even a furnace replacement.

It always pays to prepare ahead of time for the cold, if not bitter winters in LA. Save yourself the discomfort of a chill and keep your cash where it mostly belongs: in your wallet.

Avoiding a costly furnace repair and improving air quality for the winter season can be accomplished by following some simple steps.

Drafts Kill the Heat

Energy costs go up unnecessarily when you’re losing heat in the house through drafts. All you need to do is walk around your house with a lit candle and observe how the flame or smoke moves. If it flickers or dances around in any direction, you’re dealing with a draft. Find those leaks and eliminate them.

Try a Little Insulation

This investment will give you plenty of peace of mind in the long run and may also eliminate the need for frequent furnace tune-ups. Attics in particular can be drafty and are generally light on insulation. Boost the insulation in your attic and you can easily avoid heat dissipating from the roof.

Who Would Have Thought?

Try reversing the direction of your ceiling fan – this will help the heat circulate better inside your home and save you some money in the process.

Take a Look at the Ducts

A well maintained furnace works well, it’s no secret. Periodic inspections done on your unit further ensures it is in tip top form. Inspect the ducts and make sure they are sealed and insulated properly; if this isn’t the case, you’re unit’s consuming extra energy.

The last thing anyone wants in a furnace replacement, largely due to carelessness or lack of attention. What you need is a Los Angeles furnace service that lends you expert advice and makes sure you are not only getting the best furnace care but also off-season air conditioner maintenance.

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