Do pets effect the air quality in your home?

Yes they do. Their shedding of dander and hair is natural, but when left untended, it can pose health risks to people relying on the clean air in their homes. Pet dander also clogs the air filters and ducts. This decreases the efficiency of the air conditioning unit and as a result, increases your energy bills.So, how can you minimize pet dander and prevent it from clogging the air conditioning units to increase the efficiency and reduce energy bills as a result? Answer: By properly cleaning your pets and the air ducts.

Understanding Pet Dander

Pet dander is composed of the tiny flecks of skin shed by furry pets like cats, dogs, rodents, birds, etc. These flecks of skin contain different allergens and may become a breeding ground for different bacteria and virus. They are known to trigger moderate to severe allergic reactions in sensitive people.

Pet Dander in Tandem with Pet Hair

Pet hair generally does not trigger problems in people; the same cannot be said for your air conditioner. Pet hair, along with dander, clog air filters and ventilation fan motors in the air conditioning units. This reduces the quantity of air available for conditioning as well as disrupts the proper air flow in the air ducts. As a result, the air conditioner has to utilize greater amounts of energy and continuously condition the air to proper thermal comfort levels.

Minimizing Pet Dander and Hair


The following actions will allow you to minimize pet dander:

  1. Brush and groom your pet frequently. This prevents the dander from accumulating on their skin. It also allows you to control the area where this dander is shed and hence makes it easier to clean it up. Cream rinsing the pet with shampoo helps minimize shedding.
  2. Clean the pet’s bedding and favorite resting places at least once a week, especially if the place is in a carpeted room. Using washable covers reduces the time and effort required for cleaning.
  3. Keep the area near the AC or the air ducts meticulously clean by vacuuming frequently.

Daily cleaning of dander and hair is plain impossible – and this is where the efforts of your air filters show themselves. Your HVAC unit continuously collects the regular intake of hair, dander, dust, smoke, toxic organic chemicals, and other particulate matter and prevents them from becoming airborne through the air ducts. Hence, your HVAC air filters also need a checkup every once or twice a year.

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