Have you ever wondered what is an air handler? Ok, maybe not, but to help you understand more abou your Sunland Air Conditioning, American AC Heat Plumbing will explain the air handler functions. Some of our customers do ask these types of questions.

The Air Handler is basically a piece of equipment that handles the air movement within your cooling system. They blow the air over the coils. After the air is conditioned it blows through the ductwork. In order to heat and cool your home efficiently and comfortable, the handler must be matched to the size of your HVAC system.

This is part of the reason it is so important to have an air conditioner that is the proper size for the space. All the components of the system work together to make sure that the air is properly cooled. The A/C system’s compressor is the unit that sits outside your home. If its capacity is a 4-ton design, then your air handler should be able to handle that much air capacity. So, at minimum, the handler should be a 4-ton system.

If you ever find yourself wondering if your unit is the correct size for the space in your home that it is cooling, feel free to give American AC Heat Plumbing, your Sunland Air Conditioning expert a call today or schedule a service call for a certified HVAC technician to come out and see exactly what is going on with your unit.

Whatever questions you may have about your Sunland Air Conditioning system, we at American AC Heat Plumbing will have have the answers you need. We know that being an informed consumer is important to making decisions, and are happy that our customers can feel comfortable asking us questions about their Sunland Air Conditioning! We have proudly served Los Angeles county for over 30 years and are available for questions or service to your Sunland HVAC system, just contact us at +1 (310) 419-8902.


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