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HVAC Contractors Atwater Village, CA: Heating & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Tune-up Services

Atwater Village’s climate is pretty moderate most of the year, but we do get our hot and cold weather.

You rely on your heating and air conditioning systems to work correctly at those times, and a reliable HVAC contractor can help. American Air Conditioning & Heating is an HVAC contractor in Atwater Village with a reputation for quality, honesty, and reliability.

The HVAC services we offer include installation, repair, and maintenance.


Good HVAC system performance starts with maintenance, and a heater or AC system needs professional servicing once per year.

There are several benefits of regular maintenance for your HVAC system:

  • A system that runs more safely and efficiently
  • Savings on energy bills
  • An opportunity to find and fix minor problems before they can become big ones
  • Staying in compliance with warranty requirements

American Air Conditioning & Heating offers our Precision Tune-Up Special for just $129.

Our Precision Tune-Up Special is an in-depth service that takes an average of about 2 hours to complete. With our Precision Tune-Up Special, you get all of the following as part of our complete care:

  • A 22-part inspection and servicing of all parts.
  • A professional cleaning.
  • A 100% risk-free guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with the service, we’ll refund 100% of what you paid. And you get to keep the service performed.
  • A written guarantee promising that for the five months following your tune-up, your power bills will go down by at least $129. You get your total $129 back if that doesn’t happen. In other words, we promise that for you, the Precision Tune-Up service pays for itself, all with no risk involved!
  • A complete parts and labor warranty covers you for the next five months after your technician completes and certifies the service.

With a safely and efficiently running HVAC system, you’ll feel comfortable inside, save money on energy bills, be less likely to face breakdowns and expensive repairs, and stay in compliance with your warranty requirements.

Heater and AC Repairs

Just as well-maintained cars still break down sometimes, it’s the same with your heater or air conditioner. When a heater or AC unit malfunctions, discomfort is usually involved. That’s because you typically only find problems when you try to run the system, and you usually only run the system when it’s cold or hot. Therefore, you’re more likely to be in for some discomfort when your unit stops working.

That’s why you need a reliable service that identifies the problem and gets it fixed as soon as you can get it. Getting things back to normal for you and your family ASAP is understandably your priority.

Since we know that when you call American Air Conditioning & Heating for a heater or AC repair, we pledge to get a qualified technician out to your home as soon as possible in order to figure out the problem and get it fixed for you, our technicians don’t leave until the job is done and your system is running right again.

HVAC systems sometimes seem to have minds of their own, picking the worst possible times to break down, often outside typical office hours. If that happens to you, you don’t have to sit around, sweat, or shiver and wait for the office to open again. For those times, we provide 24/7 emergency services. If you can’t wait, we can be there.

  • So if you do need a repair, here’s what to do and what will happen:
  • Contact us by calling or using our online form, and somebody from the office team will find out what you need and schedule a service for you.
  • To assure safety and security, you’ll receive the name and profile of the technician coming to your home.
  • The technician will inspect your system, determine the trouble, and use the best training and equipment to make the needed repairs.
  • Things go back to normal for you.
  • Finally, you get extra peace of mind because we back up our work with a 100% guarantee just as we do for our tune-ups.

Heater and AC Installation

Sooner or later there comes a day that it’s time for a new heater or AC unit. There are a number of reasons that you might make that decision:

  • You have an older unit, and one day it just breaks down one day. Due to the age, it might be better just to get a new unit.
  • That older unit hasn’t broken down but isn’t running that efficiently anymore.
  • You just want a newer, more reliable unit before that older one can break down on you at a bad time.
  • The unit you have right now has needed several repairs, and it’s costing too much money and causing too much hassle to keep fixing it.
  • It’s time for a new, modern unit that runs more efficiently and thus will save you money on energy bills.

When you need a new heater or AC unit installed, American Air Conditioning & Heating can provide safe, expert installation so you can enjoy the benefits of a new system immediately.

American Air Conditioning & Heating: What To Expect from the Best

At American Air Conditioning & Heating, we take great pride in our name and hard-earned reputation, making your security and satisfaction top priorities.

When you choose American Air Conditioning & Heating for HVAC services in Atwater Village, it comes with the expectation of all of the following from us to you:

  • Response and service that’s prompt, professional, and friendly.
  • Fair pricing with no surprise fees; the quote you get is what you pay. No extra fees added on during the job.
  • Uniformed technicians driving company-marked vehicles to let you know who’s walking up to your door.
  • Skilled technicians with professional training who have undergone extensive background checks.
  • A fully certified and insured contractor standing 100% behind all of our work.

To schedule a tune-up, repair, or installation in Atwater Village, CA, 95301, contact American Air Conditioning & Heating today!


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