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HVAC Contractors Harbor City, CA: Heating & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Tune-up Services

Your heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are critical units in your home. They keep you and your family comfortable and should reliably protect you from extreme temperatures.

The southern California summer is hot, so your AC system must function correctly and efficiently to keep you cool and save you money. And although we don’t get too many frigid winter days here, you rely on your heating system to keep you cozy and warm when they do come along.

It’s a terrible discovery on a hot or cold day to find out that your HVAC system isn’t running the way it should be. When you need HVAC services such as installation, repair, and tune-ups, you can look to American AC & Heating as the best contractor in Harbor City. Following is an overview of the services we perform and the benefits they provide.


You take your car in for its recommended oil changes and other routine maintenance services, right? It’s no different with your home’s HVAC system. Just as you want to keep your car running smoothly and reliably and avoid expensive repairs that could have been avoided, you need to do the same with your HVAC system.

American AC & Heating offers the best maintenance system in the business: our $129 Precision Tune-Up. It’s not some quick inspection to check a bunch of boxes. Instead, our service provides a thorough two-hour inspection of your entire system and everything that goes into it. It’s a 22-point service that includes a professional cleaning and an inspection of every unit in the system. Your technician can also talk with you about warning signs that an HVAC system might be about to fail so that you can monitor it yourself and call for help before that can occur.

We’re so confident in this service that we provide a 100% guarantee. It works like this: after completing the service, we guarantee in writing that during the next five months following our work, your utility bill will be at least $129 less, so the service pays for itself. In addition, we provide a 100% guarantee on parts and labor over those same five months.

Our Precision Tune-Up helps ensure your HVAC system works at its best when you need it the most. It’s also a way of spotting minor problems so we can fix them before they become big, expensive ones. Finally, performing regular recommended maintenance keeps you in compliance with your system’s warranty.


Even the best-maintained cars sometimes need repairs; the same goes for HVAC systems.

When you need a heater or AC repair, sitting around and waiting isn’t an option, especially if it’s sweltering or freezing outside. American AC Heat Plumbing understands this, and we promptly get a technician out to your home, so you’re back to comfort as soon as possible. We also stand behind our work with a 100% guarantee, and the job isn’t over until your system is working properly again.

We also know that HVAC systems can break down on any day of the week and at any time of day or night, and that’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services so that you minimize your discomfort time.


There are several reasons for installing a brand-new heater or AC system. A system might break down beyond repair. Maybe you have an older system needing more repairs, and a new system would just be more economical and reliable. Or perhaps you want to switch out an older system even if it’s running well because a newer one will be more efficient and save you money on utility bills.

Whatever the reason, American  Air Conditioning & Heating can come out and install a modern, efficient HVAC unit that you can rely on for comfort and cost savings.

American Residential HVAC Services for Harbor City

American is an HVAC contractor you can count on for your home needs. We’re fully licensed and insured and only send out experienced, trained technicians who will get the job done right the first time. Our technicians also undergo background checks and drug testing so that you can feel safe letting them into your home. We also stand behind our work and never drop surprise charges on you; you only pay what you were quoted. American AC Heat Plumbing is a proud member of the Harbor City, 90710 community and hope to serve you soon!

If you need an HVAC installation, repair, or tune-up, Contact American AC Heat Plumbing today to schedule a service!


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