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HVAC Contractors Inglewood, CA: Heating & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Tune-up Services

Let’s face it: when it comes to appliances and utility systems in a home, few come close to the heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system in importance. Your HVAC system helps you and your loved ones stay comfortable during hot and cold weather. When the heat gets extreme, as often is the case during the Southern California summer, the HVAC system helps keep you safe, especially for people with respiratory conditions. And although we don’t get too much freezing cold in our climate, we do get enough cool and chilly days that it’s nice to have a properly functioning system to help you stay warm.

Over time, an HVAC system sustains wear and tear just as any other mechanical unit will. To keep things running smoothly and efficiently and in compliance with warranty requirements, maintenance is necessary. Other times, repairs, installation, or full replacement will be required. That means it needs maintenance, may occasionally require a repair, and may ultimately be in need of replacement. For HVAC services by a trusted HVAC contractor, American AC Heat Plumbing can get the job done and get it right the first time.

HVAC System Maintenance

When you own a car, it’s important to perform scheduled oil changes and other maintenance in order to keep it running well and reduce the likelihood of costly repairs. An HVAC system is no different. Professional maintenance keeps things running smoothly and also provides an opportunity to spot potential trouble and address it early on. It also helps you keep in line with warranty requirements so that you’re not stuck with a huge bill if something goes really wrong.

Our recommendation is for professional maintenance at least once a year for your air conditioner and heating system. To make that convenient and affordable, we offer a precision tune-up special for just $129. In addition to the tune-up, you get a professional cleaning and safety inspection as well. This precision maintenance will help keep your system running efficiently and safely, and it will reduce the chances of a breakdown in the future.

You also save money when a system is operating efficiently. Knowing how important that is, our work comes with a written guarantee of a full refund if your utility bill is not at least $129 lower over the next five months following your service. Additionally, the work comes with complete parts and a labor warranty for the next five months after we certify our work and your equipment.


Cars still sometimes break down despite good maintenance, and it’s the same with HVAC systems. When your system is down or running poorly, you might experience discomfort. For heating or AC repair, contact American. You can expect prompt service and reliable repairs. With our knowledge, experience, and proper equipment for the job, you and your family will be back to comfort as soon as possible.

Best of all, we guarantee that when we leave, your system will be working properly again.

Installation and Replacement

Sometimes a replacement is in order. At some point, repeated repairs on an old unit stop being worth it. Maybe you want a newer system that will work more efficiently and lower your energy bills.

When you need an HVAC system replacement, we’ll install a modern, efficient unit in a timely, professional manner. Say goodbye to your underperforming unit and hello to feeling more comfortable and seeing savings on utility bills.

Emergency Services

HVAC systems sometimes break down at the worst possible times. Because of that reality, we offer 24/7 repairs to prevent you from suffering through a cold night or a sweltering summer day.

About Us

American’s HVAC technicians are professionals with expert training, background checks, and all the equipment they need to get the job done efficiently and properly. Our prompt, reliable service also means you can relax knowing that the job will be done right the first time.

Safety and security are important to us as well. After you’ve scheduled service with us, we’ll share the name and profile of the technician we’re sending to your home. When that uniformed technician arrives, they’ll inspect the system, determine what’s wrong, and get to work on it.

We also believe in treating your home the way we would ours. Unlike some contractors, we’re on time, and as we work, we’re mindful of our surroundings in order to protect your property from accidental damage.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Contact us today to schedule a service for the best HVAC contractors in Inglewood!

Our Inglewood air conditioning & heating technicians are professionally trained and equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to give you the most prompt and effective heating & air conditioning repairs in Inglewood. From cost-saving air conditioner maintenance in Inglewood to 24/7 heater repair in Inglewood, you can count on our technicians for all your heating and air conditioning service needs.


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