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HVAC Contractors Los Angeles, CA: Heating & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Tune-up Services

When people are asked to think of Los Angeles, many happy images tend to come to mind. They think of their favorite celebrities, the Hollywood Hills and movie studios, the Lakers and the Dodgers, glitzy Rodeo Drive and shopping, their favorite bands, and of course, the hot sun and sand of our famous beaches. But with the magical sun and sand we get to enjoy all year long, there’s also the issue of dealing with extreme weather conditions all year long! And that’s where we come in for all residents of the City of Angeles.

The best HVAC contractor in Los Angeles is the team at American AC Heat Plumbing. All LA residents know and love us! In fact, we can confidently say that we’re probably the only thing Lakers and Clippers fans can agree on for once. Our HVAC services are known across the city and state of California for being quick, reliable, and affordable. When the blazing heat of the Southern California sun blankets our fair city, it’s vital to have your home’s AC system in top condition and in working order. On the flip side, we know that sometimes the winter out here can get a little chilly too. On those winter days and nights when the mercury plummets and you need some of those heavier layers for outside, you want to be sure to come home to a warm home with a properly working heating system too – which we can also ensure!

No one likes returning to a home that is too hot or too cold, but it’s crucial to act fast when it does happen. American AC Heat Plumbing will always be there to help you! It’s also worth remembering that even when you aren’t relying on your home’s AC or heating, ensuring an HVAC system is in proper working order always leads to cheaper utility bills due to higher efficiency.

We can service all major air conditioning and heating systems brands, including mini-split ductless installations and mini-split AC repair, installation, maintenance, and other residential applications. You name it, and we know how to fix it!

  • We are professionally trained and constantly updated with the latest industry initiatives in both installation and repair,
  • We have the best tools for all HVAC services jobs,
  • We have nearly 40 years of experience in the HVAC repair and installation industry,
  • We ensure the job is done right the first time and every time,
  • We provide job quotes that are clear, honest, and detailed and with no additional nasty surprise type costs later,
  • We are fully licensed and insured,
  • We ensure all our employees are regularly drug-tested and background-checked prior to being hired or visiting you and,
  • We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, no matter the job we do for you.

Too many HVAC contractors love to be dishonest with their quotes and the qualifications they have. Have you, or someone you know, ever had the old ‘bait-and-switch’ job pulled on you before? Do you know the scenario a contractor dangles a great price before starting the job but then makes some pricing adjustments because suddenly, the repair or installation job got more “complicated” and they needed more parts or time? We will never do that at American AC Heat Plumbing.

And then there are other HVAC contractors who offer low prices because they’re not properly insured and leave you with shoddy work? Again, that will never be us!

The best name in heating and air conditioning in Los Angeles is American AC Heat Plumbing!

Are you dreading the thought of hot sunny days ahead, or the pinch of the winter cool because your home’s HVAC system is inefficient or not working correctly?

Never fear! American AC Heat Plumbing is here to save your day!

We are the name that Los Angeles residents know and trust the most!

Our AC Services:


American AC Heat Plumbing will come to your home and quickly get to the root of the problem when your air conditioner isn’t working correctly. It can be a stressful time when this occurs, but we’ll get to you fast and fix it as soon as possible, guaranteed! If repairing the whole AC unit looks to be your safest option, our team will make sure the repairs are completed quickly and accurately to get you and your home cool again. At American AC Heat Plumbing, we pride ourselves on being one of the most popular HVAC contractors in Los Angeles. We will also ensure to schedule a check-up of your system at your convenience.


Replacing your home’s old air conditioning unit is typically the best solution if the cost of repairs will be extensive. Similarly, older AC units may require parts that simply are too hard to find, take too long to arrive or may not even exist anymore. In these cases, a new unit may be the best option, and also the more financially prudent option for your utility bills!

To determine the best air conditioner for you, American AC Heat Plumbing will quickly dispatch one of our HVAC experts to your home! Your budget, home cooling requirements, and other essential factors for your home will always be considered by us. We will find you the unit you need that will cool your home without blowing your budget. Our trained professionals will take comprehensive measurements of your home to ensure the perfect AC installation experience you’ll tell family and friends about for weeks!


Homeowners should maintain their HVAC unit to maximize its lifespan and efficiency. American AC Heat Plumbing has various scheduled maintenance options to suit your budget and home’s heating and cooling needs. One service we like to do when on a maintenance call is to provide tips on how a homeowner can do small things to prolong the life and efficiency of their HVAC system. We like to do this as we care for our customers and feel it’s all part of what sets American AC Heat Plumbing from the competition.

Our Heating Services

Just like our AC installation, maintenance, and repair offerings, American AC Heat Plumbing does the same for heating. Ideally, a home should schedule a quick check-up for their home system twice a year when the seasons shift from warmer weather to colder.

But there are apparent variations in what our technicians will do for your home system between the seasons.

The American AC Heat Plumbing technicians in Los Angeles have the skills, experience, and expertise a home needs to achieve efficient and sustainable heating solutions. Talk to us about our maintenance, repair, and installation services for your home’s heating system.

Why year-round maintenance is crucial!

Along with your home’s water, electricity and gas services, the most relied upon part is likely your HVAC system. We quite simply take it for granted, but it is crucial for everything we do. We can’t even sleep if the temperature is not right in our homes!

To prevent your home’s HVAC system from going on the fritz, it is crucial to schedule year-round maintenance. Your home’s HVAC system needs a regular check-up, just like we do with the doctor.

Regularly scheduled maintenance will prevent hefty repairs later on or prepare you for the day when your system may finally give up.

When one of American AC Heat Plumbing’s highly experienced and trained HVAC contractors visits your home, we’ll outline what we do during the check-up and provide you with some hints and tips to keep your HVAC system in tip-top shape. Hint: you should be doing more than just replacing the filter every two months!

We can even provide you with information about filter types that best suit your home system and your health needs.

American AC Heat Plumbing is proud to serve all of sunny Los Angeles, CA. We can help with your entire home’s heating and air conditioning repair, installation, and maintenance needs.

Contact details

All American AC Heat Plumbing technicians are professionally trained and equipped with the best tools, local knowledge, and the latest training to provide LA residents with not only the fastest HVAC services but also the most cost-effective. We are reliable, friendly, and here to help the people of Los Angeles with a 24/7 on-call service they can always rely upon for any need. Plus, we back up all of our heating and cooling repair work and tune-up services 100% and with a guarantee on labor. American AC Heat Plumbing’s headquarters is only a 24-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles.

Call us today to see how we can help your home in Los Angeles area codes: 90001, 90089, 90506, 91010, 91335, 91617, 90002, 90090, and 90507, and keep our contact details close by if a heating or cooling disaster strikes your home.

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