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The City of Angels is America’s second largest city and it has a reputation just as big. The air is heady with the intoxicating mix of free-spirit and optimism. If you’re fortunate enough to live in L.A., you are already aware that it’s one of the most desirable places to live in the U.S. Golden Globe Awards and dineL.A. Restaurant Week. In February it’s time for the Chinese New Year/Golden Dragon Parade and the glitzy Grammy Awards and Academy Awards. March comes in with the ASICS L.A. Marathon, which features runners from over 50 countries. In April you can catch the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire and enjoy more than a dozen stages of entertainment as well as music, dancers, costumes and great food. Stick around in May for the NoHo Theatre & Arts Festival and the Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Celebration. Things are kicking in June and July with the L.A. Film Festival and the July 4th Fireworks Spectacular. August is renowned for the Nisei Week Japanese Festival. During the fall months you can make the most of the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival, the North Hollywood Halloween Carnival and L.A. Auto Show, which brings us to December and the spectacular Hollywood Christmas Parade, which has been held on Hollywood Boulevard since 1933. One of the reasons there is so much going on year-round in L.A is that the climate is so temperate, which makes everyone want to be outdoors. The city enjoys an almost completely dry summer period, with an average temperature of 84 °Fahrenheit. Winters are also mild with an average high temperature of 68 °F and an average low of 48 °F, with an occasional rain shower. Usually September is the warmest month and December is the coolest. Knowing the annual temperature levels and the degree days in your area can help you save money when it comes to heating and cooling your home. Degree days are measure of heating and cooling that can help you calculate how to use your HVAC system economically.

How Your Heating and Cooling Needs Are Shaped By Degree Days

Air Conditioner Thumbs Up, American Air Conditioning & Heating Degree days involve a specific form of weather data that is calculated from outside air temperature readings. It is useful to know how to use these readings as they may help you to use your heating and cooling system more efficiently, and to save you money on your energy bills. Your heating system uses will vary from week to week and month to month depending on how the temperature fluctuates in any given year. To simplify this, all you need to remember is that the amount of energy you need to heat your home on any given week or month is related directly to the number of heating degree days during that same period of time. The same applies to cooling degree days.

  • Understanding degree days can help you in a number of ways:
  • More heating degree days tell you that you will need to use your heating system more frequently.
  • More cooling degree days tell you that you need to use your cooling system more regularly.
  • Degree days can help you decide what type of HVAC system you need, for example, which type of heat pump will be most efficient for your needs.

Wherever you live, your home heating and cooling needs are shaped by annual degree days. Heating and cooling degree days are calculated relative to an outdoor base temperature of 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If the daily temperature falls below the base rate, there will be heating degree days, but if the outdoor temperature for the day exceeds the base rate, there will be cooling degree days. If you don’t want to make the calculations yourself, you can usually go online or contact your local weather station for degree days for your area. You can often get reports dating back up to thirty years. You can use this knowledge to help you save money on your energy bill. Like most people, you probably set your HVAC thermostat to maintain a comfortable and constant temperature throughout your home. But, armed with your knowledge of degree days, you can adjust your thermostat on heating and cooling days and save money throughout the year. Using degree days can also help you when you look back over the past year’s energy bills to find out how much money you are saving. If you are not seeing an improvement during the years when you are using degree days, this is a good indication that your HVAC system is not running as efficiently as it should be. If this is the case, contact your local HVAC contractor and ask him to perform a full service check on your system. This will show which parts to need to be replaced or repaired. If your HVAC is ten years old or older, you will need to replace the whole system with a new one. Here at American Air Conditioning & Heating & Heating we have been providing quality installation, maintenance and repair of all brands and models of HVAC since 1983. We serve Los Angeles and its surrounding vicinity. Our dedication to plumbing, heating and air conditioning for residential homes is second to none. Contact us today to find out about our special offers and to schedule an appointment for a quote or maintenance check. We can help you with all your indoor comfort needs whatever the season. Our Los Angeles air conditioning & heating technicians are professionally trained and equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to give you the most prompt and effective heating & air conditioning repairs in Los Angeles. From cost-saving air conditioner maintenance in Los Angeles to 24/7 heater repair in Los Angeles, you can count on our technicians for all your heating and air conditioning service needs. Only a 24-minute drive from our headquarters to Los Angeles, CA. Call us today to see how we can help you in Los Angeles.

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