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Will Your Air Conditioner Keep Your Home Cool All Summer Long?

The mercury in the thermometer has been creeping higher and higher year after year. While this may not be a big issue in colder climates, California summers can go from warm and balmy to sweltering and oppressive in a hurry when your air conditioner stops working as it should.

Why wait till the heat of summer to discover that your air conditioner is no longer up to the arduous task of cooling your home? The struggle a household can go through due to a faulty air conditioner is one no family should have to deal with in their home. However, you’re just a call away from either preventative maintenance or, if worst comes to worst, a call away from the quickest and easiest repair service you’ll find anywhere in Sunland, California. American AC Heat Plumbing provides professional, high-quality, and, best of all, affordable home maintenance work in all of California, on call for you any time of the day.

American AC Heat Plumbing Offers The Top HVAC Contractors in Sunland, CA

American AC Heat Plumbing expert HVAC contractors are the best in Sunland, CA. Our highly qualified technicians are professionally trained and well-equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide you with the most prompt and effective heating and air conditioning repairs and equipment installations in Sunland, CA.

Give American AC Heat Plumbing a call today. We will dispatch a professional HVAC contractor to check your home’s current level of insulation and install new insulation that meets the current Department of Energy insulation energy efficiency guidelines.  You may even qualify for cost savings in tax credits and gas company rebates that help offset the cost of purchasing and installing new insulation products.

Our friendly team will be happy to explain everything you need to know about the current insulation tax credits, rebates, and offers available to you when you schedule an appointment today!

HVAC Maintenance Services In Sunland, CA

An ounce of prevention goes a long way, and in the case of AC maintenance and HVAC services, it can go a long way towards ensuring that you and your family stay safe, healthy, and comfortable in your home during the heat of summer, and the chill of winter.

Need HVAC Service?

American AC Heat Plumbing will complete your AC maintenance, repair, or replacement service with speed and precision, guaranteed.

Air Duct Cleaning & Sealing

It is easy to forget about the yards of ducting that bring the cool or warm air to the various rooms of your home. After all, the ducting is usually hidden away above the ceiling or under the floors. Hence, developing an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality towards air duct cleaning and maintenance is easy.

However, we have a few sobering statistics to share that will likely make air duct cleaning a top-of-mind priority. For starters, it may surprise you to know that the air inside your home contains as much as 65% to 75% more pollutants than the air outside your home. Couple that sobering thought with the knowledge that, according to the American College of Allergists, 50% of illnesses are either directly related to or aggravated by polluted indoor air. It is pretty clear why regular air duct cleaning and maintenance is such an essential service.

Regular, professional air duct cleaning and sealing can significantly reduce the number of indoor pollutants that make their way into your home environment, ensuring that you, your family, and your pets are always breathing the cleanest, freshest air possible inside your home. Our expert HVAC contractors have the specialized tools and knowledge to remove the majority of harmful pollutants and to help you protect the safety and health of everyone who enters your home environment.

Attic Insulation & Radiant Barrier

When you park your car in an outdoor environment for any time, you most likely place some reflective insulated windshield cover inside the car’s windshield to reflect the sun’s rays and prevent them from overheating the car’s interior.

Attic insulation and radiant barriers work on the same basic principles. When your attic space is well insulated with an effective material and protected by a reflective radiant barrier, you block some of the outdoor heat from making its way into your home, reducing the amount of effort that your air conditioner must put forth to cool your home.

Ensuring that your home has the necessary attic insulation & radiant barrier to keep your house cool during the hot summer months and warm during the cold winters is one of the most cost-effective things you can do to keep your home comfortable and keep your energy costs low.

In fact, adding attic insulation & a radiant barrier creates an envelope around your home that can help keep the summer heat out and the winter warmth in, reducing the load on your air conditioning and heating equipment and cutting your energy bills by as much as 30%!

Stop spending your hard-earned money to heat and cool the outdoors by allowing the climate inside your home to escape and the weather outside your home to invade your living space. Adding additional attic insulation coupled with a radiant barrier can help keep your utility bills low all year long and help keep more of your hard-earned money in your wallet where it belongs.

AC Repair Services In Sunland, CA

When your air conditioning goes on the fritz, and the temperature inside your home starts to climb, there is no time to wait for the air conditioning repair team to arrive. You, and your family, want to feel cool and comfortable NOW!

American AC Heat Plumbing understands the urgency of the need to repair a malfunctioning air conditioner in the warm Sunland, CA, summer months. Simply call our friendly, helpful dispatch team, or complete the request for service form on our website, and we will have one of our expert HVAC contractor team give you a call to learn more about your issue and schedule a time to get help on the way to your door.

When your air conditioning stops working and you just can’t wait for help, American AC Heat Plumbing has you covered with emergency air conditioning repair service. Give us a call any time of day, and we will dispatch a team of HVAC professionals to restore your home’s cool and comfortable temperature just as soon as possible. Our dedication to quick, affordable, and professional service is unmatched anywhere in the Sunland, California area.

Don’t wait to restore the comfort of your home —-  call us today for AC repair service!


AC Installation Services In Sunland, CA

When you are dealing with aging air conditioning equipment or equipment that has been damaged by weather, or debris, repair may no longer be a viable option. There is no need for concern. American AC Heat Plumbing has you covered even when your existing air conditioning equipment is beyond repair, and new air conditioning equipment is needed.

American AC Heat Plumbing has more than 40 years of combined experience repairing and replacing air conditioners in the Sunland, CA area. You can rest assured that our highly-qualified HVAC contractor team has the experience and knowledge to install your new HVAC system regardless of your unique home design or equipment type.

Our professional, licensed HVAC technicians will install a new, efficient air conditioning system in your home with little or no disruption of your family’s day-to-day activity. Our team can have your new air conditioner installed, and your home’s comfort restored within a matter of hours, so you and your family can get back to what matters most, enjoying your home. Best of all, our iron-clad guarantees mean you can rest assured that your new air conditioning system will perform as it should for years to come, so you can forget about the heat and focus on your family. American AC Heat Plumbing has been a proud member of the the Sunland California, 91040 community for years and we hope we can connect with you and your family soon.

Don’t wait to restore the comfort of your home —-  contact us today for AC installation service!

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