With the winter about to hit its peak soon, you sure would want to get your furnace up and ready to provide you and your family a warm and comfortable time. As long as your furnace is working, you wouldn’t even pay any heed to getting a furnace tune-up or furnace repair, would you? Of course you won’t!

But what if the heating system is acting up and not doing what it is supposed to do? What do you do then? You’ll probably ask for a local repairman to come in and check it out. He’ll show up, do a routine check and get your furnace to work. And the next day you’ll be having the same problem again.

What is wrong anyway? Well, let’s take a look. If you’re heating system is showing the following signs then it probably means it’s time to dump it:

  1. The furnace you have is more than 15 years old.
  2. The heating system isn’t providing enough heat to make you feel comfortable.
  3. The system is releasing poisonous gas such as carbon monoxide which is jeopardizing your home’s air quality.
  4. You have to call the serviceman constantly to make the system work.
  5. The unit isn’t working at all.

The only help you can get during such a difficult time is from your nearest heating and air conditioning service. They’ll send in a technician who determines the real problem with your furnace and tell you what you should do next. If the service is reliable, they will even offer you furnace replacement and what could be better than that?

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