Ventilation and AC are essential for all homes. Poor ventilation could result in your home acquiring a bad musty smell, which is also the sign of a breeding ground for bacteria, allergens, and mold. Proper ventilation also prevents the accumulation of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide.

Poor ventilation forces gases to be trapped within your home. Inhaling such vapors or coming into contact with them may affect your general health. These gases may also raise your home temperature, thereby forcing the AC to do extra work. This ends up increasing your power bills.

When it comes to home ventilation, no company does it better in the San Fernando Valley, than American AC Heat Plumbing. Of course, some areas need more ventilation than others. This depends on the number of gases or activities done in these rooms.


In most kitchens, there is burning going on. Carbon Monoxide is a common by-product of burnt gas. Allowing the said gas to accumulate in your kitchen, mostly when you are cooking, could be fatal in extreme cases. Carbon monoxide more commonly causes nausea.

It is therefore important to ensure the gas is properly ventilated as soon as it is produced. Ventilation in the kitchen should thus be more common compared to other rooms. This also prevents the kitchen from becoming damp and destroying your food.


Showering with hot water produces a lot of steam. A lot of water is used in bathrooms. If this water is allowed to sit around for long, it makes the bathroom damp.

This decreases the quality of air in the bathroom and also decreases your comfort. It is therefore important to have proper ventilation in your bathroom.


Poor ventilation in the attic causes accumulation of hot gases, which confuses the home AC. This forces it to cool rooms more instead of maintaining the required temperature.

Basements are known to be generally damp areas. Proper ventilation prevents this from happening and also prevents mold from growing. Proper ventilation in your pantry will prevent food from going bad.

At American AC Heat Plumbing, we provide expert ventilation services to homeowners in the San Fernando Valley. Our crew also handles a variety of other heating and cooling services check it out under the Other Services Tab

Choosing the Right Mechanical Ventilation is Important

There are various types of mechanical ventilation systems; some are connected to your HVAC system, while others are separate. The type that will work best for your HVAC comfort depends on your space, its usage and even on your climate. Certain types of mechanical ventilation are designed for hot and humid climates, others for cold climates, and others for mixed climates such as we experience here in the valley.

Choosing the wrong system can cause a buildup of moisture that can damage your space and even lead to mold growth. That’s why it’s so important to choose an HVAC company that understands the “V” in HVAC as well as heating and air conditioning. Call us today at 1-800-321-9494 or book an appointment or reach out online. 


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