Condensers are essential to your Granada Hills Air Conditioning system. An air conditioning condenser unit will usually consist of a heat exchanger, a compressor and a fan. The heat exchanger cools and condenses the incoming refrigerant vapor into liquid, the compressor raises the pressure of the refrigerant and forces it to move and the fan blows the outer air through the heat exchanger. This results in a cooling of the refrigerant inside the home AC condenser. A central AC condenser is typically located outside the home with a layer of tubing between it and the building that ushers vapor refrigerant in and pulls liquid refrigerant out.

There are many factors that may keep AC condensers from running efficiently, which can keep your home from being as cool as you want it to be and cause unnecessary expenses on your electric bill. Cleaning your Granada Hills air conditioning condenser unit is usually all it takes, and should be part of your annual maintenance service. Or if components of the system are not functioning properly, AC condenser repair may be necessary to make your home comfortable and energy efficient again.

Replacing your Granada Hills air conditioning condenser may also be the best option if your unit is beyond repair or if it is unable to meet today’s energy efficiency standards. The team of skilled technicians at American AC Heat Plumbing is prepared to replace your Granada Hills air conditioning condenser units for homes of all shapes and sizes in the greater San Fernando Valley. We can provide detailed information about the AC condensers that are available, install the unit with the utmost professionalism and provide all the maintenance and repair services you need to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.

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