The industry standard is a 20-year life cycle. Furnace blower motors are designed and built to last many years with minor maintenance and no special attention. That doesn’t mean a blower won’t fail. They do, and when that happens, you have to go online searching for help, and it’s frustrating. The easiest way is to type in furnace repair services near me in a search engine.

The results will show multiple HVAC companies listed. Here’s what to expect. If they are a reputable service company, they will advise you that each component needs inspecting before determining if your furnace blower motor is the problem. That is a standard industry practice. Please note, your hardware is like other mechanical devices. If not repaired or properly maintained, over time, they eventually fail.

Longevity Of The Furnace Blower Motor

When it comes to your furnace blower, motor longevity will depend on use and age. All mechanical devices have what each industry calls an “End of Life” cycle. Meaning, there is an expected time a unit will stop operating dependably as to when that time frame is will vary. Let’s assume your furnace blower motor gets used as instructed by the manufacturer.

Even if the blower motor is used minimally, over time, the internal brushes will wear down. That reduces the motor’s power capacity. Other wear and age areas are the sealed bearings, which were initially lubricated but will dry out over time, and the wiring harness becomes brittle.

Let’s also not forget what and where the device gets installed. Is it part of a home heating system or on a commercial property furnace system? Even though the manufacturer states their blower motor will last two decades, we advise all clients to expect a 10-20-year life span due to age, use, and proactive maintenance.

Furnace Blower Motor: Vital Things You’ll Want To Know

Now that we’ve covered furnace blower motor longevity and what to expect, it is equally essential that the mechanical parts are maintained regularly. Interestingly, maintaining a furnace blower motor is quite simple. By following the guidelines below, your unit will run smoothly and efficiently, extending its life span.

  • Annually or bi-annually furnace inspections are mandatory per your service provider
  • With the inspection, you will uncover any minor or major issues in your system
  • If problems exist, a qualified technician resolves the issue eliminating downtime
  • The aim is that your furnace blower motor should operate at full capacity
  • If the furnace makes unusual sounds or noises, the blower motor needs inspecting
  • Monthly furnace filter inspection and replacement does ease motor fatigue

When looking for furnace replacement near me or furnace repair services, contact us at (800) 321-9494 and speak to one of our trained furnace blower motor specialists. For the best services at affordable rates, you can always trust American AC Heat Plumbing.


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