“There will always be cloudy days! Enjoy them!”

There is nothing worse than being too hot or too cold. Simply put no one wants to be miserable in the hot or cold weather. Heating and air conditioning is essential for comfort.

My Grandmother fell grumpy the other day.  This is a fun story. I knew something was wrong with my darling mother’s-mother. It was apparent in her voice she was irritated about something.  What in the world could be wrong with grandmother? She is always so pleasant.

Grandmother pronounced, in no uncertain terms, it was time to fix her well-weathered air conditioner. She claimed (when she was young) there was no such thing as an air conditioner.  She would fold up paper to make a fan, to cool her heated body.

In a bit of a fit, Grandmother explained, “There is no sense in being hot these days.  No sense at all! Its not like it used to be. I don’t want to wait either. Wait, wait for what? I know there are air conditioning repair services that want my retirement funds! Someone better hurry quick”.  It isn’t grandmothers nature to be so impatient, she must be truly uncomfortable.

It goes to show, that being uncomfortable in the heat or cold brings out the worse, even in the most patient people. In fact, I want it fixed now, right this minute is an attitude shared by many.

Grandmother continued, “I’m sorry. I’m so uncomfortable trying to save a little money. It doesn’t make sense anymore, it’s just too tootin’ hot.” Too tootin hot?  That’s Grandmother for you. I love the way she talks.

Grandmother pronounced, “Call Reseda heating and air conditioning service, will you dear? I’m fairly sure their name is American Air Conditioning & Heating & Heating. Will you look the number up for me?” Grandmother looked at me with her puppy eyes.  “I hear they do older folk well.  They don’t take advantage of people and that’s a fact. My friend Margaret used them and said she expected them to want to replace her air conditioner, and instead they did a simple repair that didn’t cost much. Call them will you? They’re honest. I know, because Margaret is picky. If they’re good enough for her, they’re good enough for me!”

Fact is I didn’t have to look for their number because I work for the company. Grandmother is also forgetful these days.

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