There are a two very simple things you can do to help your air conditioner stay in tip-top shape throughout the summer.

Inspect the coils

First, turn off the power to the unit. Then, take a little time to remove leaves, grass, and excess plant growth from around your AC unit. Finally, take a garden hose and gently spray from the top of the coils towards the bottom of the unit to wash away any remaining dirt or debris. These simple steps help keep the condenser from having to work too hard which extends the life of your unit.

Change the air filter

A clean air filter is key to a properly functioning air conditioning unit. Good airflow reduces energy consumption and helps to purify the air in your home. The air filter should be inspected on a monthly basis to see if it needs cleaning or replacement.

These two tasks take a little bit of your time but they can save you lots of money both in energy bills and costly air conditioner repairs or replacements. To help you get a jumpstart for the season, we have a $99 precision air conditioning tune-up and professional cleaning available. Let one of our experienced technicians come out and make sure everything is ready and in working order to help you stay cool all summer long.

This article was provided by American AC Heat Plumbing. Since 1981, American Air has been providing professional air conditioning and heating service and repair. Check out their $99 tune-up special – good for your air conditioner or furnace!


James Smith

As you can tell from our humble beginnings in 1981, we began as a family-owned business and stayed a locally owned air conditioning and heating company in Los Angeles county for nearly 40 years.