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HVAC Contractors Santa Monica, CA: Heating & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Tune-up Services

Sunny Santa Monica has a coastal climate that keeps things from getting too hot or too cold most of the time, but we still get instances of extreme temperatures in our region. Temperatures in the 90s have occurred in all but three months of the year, and even those three months (December, January, and February) have seen record temperatures in the mid and upper 80s. 

HVAC Contractors Santa Monica, CA: Heating & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Tune-up Services

At the same time, only August is on record as having never dipped into the 30s or 40s, so we get our share of cold temperatures, and they can happen any month of the year. 

When it gets hot or cold, you count on your heating and air conditioning systems to work well and keep you comfortable, and you need a reliable HVAC contractor to help ensure that happens. American AC Heat Plumbing is an HVAC contractor in Santa Monica that has built years of trust and a reputation for quality that can’t be beaten. 

Our HVAC services span installation, repair, and maintenance for complete care.



Good HVAC system performance begins with maintenance. Just as a car needs oil changes, tune-ups, and regular inspections, a heater or AC system also needs preventative maintenance. We recommend professional servicing once per year for a heater or AC unit. 

What are the benefits of regular maintenance for your HVAC system? There are several: 

  •     The system runs more efficiently.
  •     A more efficient system also saves you money on energy bills.
  •     It’s an opportunity to find and correct minor problems before they can become big, expensive ones.
  •     Following a recommended maintenance schedule is a way to help you stay in compliance with warranty requirements. Don’t get stuck with a big repair bill because you didn’t keep up with the warranty’s terms.

American AC Heat Plumbing offers one of the best HVAC maintenance programs you’ll find anywhere. We call it our Precision Tune-Up Special, and it’s available for just $129. 

Our Precision Tune-Up Special is no mere quick check to cross off items on a list. In fact, the complete service takes about 2 hours to complete on average. Here’s everything you get from the Precision Tune-Up Special: 

  •     A 22-part inspection and servicing of all parts, including a thermostat test, air filter replacement, safety checks, and more.
  •     A professional cleaning.
  •     A 100% risk-free guarantee. If for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with the service, we’ll refund 100% of your $129, and you still received the service.
  •     A written guarantee that for the next five months after your tune-up, you’ll see your power bills go down by at least $129; if you don’t, we refund your whole $129. That’s right: this service pays for itself, and there’s no risk involved!
  •     A complete parts and labor warranty covers you for the next five months after your technician completes the service and certifies that everything is good to go. 

Did you know that good indoor air circulation is about more than just being comfortable? It also has health benefits. Consider the following benefits you get from good indoor air circulation: 

  •     There are fewer air allergens, microbes, pollutants, and other contaminants. This benefits everyone, especially those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions.
  •     Everyone can breathe easier and sleep better because the air is clearer or bust and other irritants. Sleeping better means, you’ll get better rest and will be less likely to get sick.
  •     Utility bills are lower.
  •     Bad odors are prevented or eliminated.
  •     Balanced humidity levels mean not just more comfortable but better health. People can feel tired and clammy when the indoor air is too humid. Skin can get dry, itchy, and flaky when it’s too dry. Dry air can also make nosebleeds more frequent. 

With an HVAC system running safely and efficiently, you’ll stay comfortable, save money on energy bills and expensive repairs, and comply with your warranty requirements. 

To schedule your $129 Precision Tune-Up Special, just request it today!


Heater and AC Repairs

To use the car comparison again, let’s point out the obvious: even if you always change the oil at recommended intervals, follow through on scheduled tune-ups, and replace aging parts before they can break or malfunction, your car is going to need repairs from time to time. When you do need a car repair, you want someone honest and competent doing the job, and you want your car back in operation as soon as possible. 

It’s the same way with your heater or air conditioner. Since you’re most likely to discover that your heater isn’t working on a cold day or that the AC is down on a hot day, the discomfort factor is going to be higher. Therefore, you need reliable service as soon as you can get it so that things go back to normal for you and your family. 

When you call American AC Heat Plumbing for a heater or AC repair, we’ll have a qualified technician out promptly to diagnose and fix the problem. The technician won’t leave until the job is done and your system is right again. 

We also realize that sometimes HVAC systems malfunction in the middle of a hot, stuffy night, over a holiday weekend, and at other times outside typical office hours. With us, you don’t have to suffer and wait until the office is open again. We offer 24/7 emergency services for those times when it really cannot wait. 

Although you can’t make HVAC repairs on your own, or at least for safety reasons, you shouldn’t try to. You can play a role by being aware of some signs that a repair is needed or imminent. That way, you might be able to schedule service before a significant problem occurs. Here are some signs to look for: 

  •     Unexplained increases in power bills
  •     Little to no airflow
  •     Taking longer than usual to get to the desired temperature or not getting there at all
  •     Shutting on or off more frequently
  •     Strange sounds and/or foul odors
  •     Circuit breaker tripping
  •     More than a year since the last tune-up
  •     A unit that’s more than ten years old 

If you do need a repair, here’s how it works: 

  •     You contact us by calling or completing our online form, and someone from our office team will schedule a service for you.
  •     With your safety and security in mind, we’ll give you the name and profile information of the certified technician we’re sending to your home.
  •     The technician will inspect your system, find out what’s causing the problem, and make the necessary repairs.
  •     You see things go back to normal, with additional peace of mind from knowing that we back up our work with a 100% guarantee.


Heater and AC Installation 

Eventually, there will come a day that you need a new heater or AC unit installed. You might get to that decision for any number of reasons: 

  •     Your home has an older unit that doesn’t seem to be running that efficiently anymore, or maybe you just want a newer, more reliable unit before that older one can break down on you.
  •     Your current unit has undergone enough repairs that it’s reached the point that replacing it with a new unit is going to be less expensive. Plus, you’ll be getting that improved reliability, meaning less discomfort and inconvenience.
  •     You just want a new modern unit that will save you money on energy costs by virtue of running more efficiently. 

When it’s time for a new heater or AC unit, American AC Heat Plumbing can come out and install a brand-new, state-of-the-art model that will run better, keep you comfortable, and save you money on repairs and power bills.


American AC Heat Plumbing: What to Expect from the Best 

At American AC Heat Plumbing, we take our name and reputation and your security and satisfaction seriously. 

You can’t afford to deal with “Cheapie Charlies,” people who will quote you a really low price and do a mediocre job. Likewise, you don’t want to experience a bait-and-switch operation where that low price goes a lot higher by the end because of added fees never discussed upfront. Finally, you want to avoid operators who don’t have full certifications and insurance and who might leave you with a costly mess. 

When you go with American AC Heat Plumbing for HVAC services in Santa Monica, 91407, you can expect all of the following from us: 

  •     Prompt, professional, and friendly response and service.
  •     Fair pricing with no surprise fees; what we quote is what you pay.
  •     Uniformed technicians driving vehicles marked with the company logo so that you know who’s pulling up in your driveway.
  •     Technicians who undergo professional training and extensive background checks.
  •     Fully certified and insured, with a 100% guarantee behind all of our work. 

Don’t take chances with random results or unknown actors; contact American AC Heat Plumbing today for proven, reliable HVAC services you can count on!


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