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HVAC Contractors Simi Valley, CA: Heating & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Tune-up Services

The HVAC system in your home is one of the most important systems you have. After all, it helps keep you comfortable, healthy, and safe.

You don’t need us to tell you that the summers in Southern California get seriously hot. Summer, then, is the worst time to have problems with your AC system, or even an outright failure. For elderly people and people with certain health conditions, such situations can be life-threatening.

At the same time, although the winters in Simi Valley are pretty mild most of the time, we do get our share of cold days and nights. When they happen, you want to make sure your heating system is working properly. A cold day isn’t the time to discover your thermostats aren’t working right or your furnace needs repairs.

For all your HVAC system needs, you can count on American AC Heat Plumbing. Whether it’s installation, routine maintenance, repairs, or something else, American promises prompt service so that you face minimal inconvenience. Our professional technicians have the training and the tools to get the job done right and save you money in the process.

With more than 40 years of experience in the business, we offer not only exceptional work but also value you can’t beat. Our estimates are always clear and detailed, you never pay more than what you were quoted, we’re fully insured, and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Air Conditioning Services

We offer the following primary AC services:

  • Precision Tune-Up: To keep your car running well, you change the oil regularly and take it in for its scheduled maintenance, right? Well, it’s the same with your AC system. The best way to avoid emergency repairs on a hot day is to get yearly recommended tune-ups for your air conditioner. For just $129, American will perform a precision tune-up and a professional cleaning to help prevent unwelcome surprises when you least need them.
  • AC Repair: Things are still going to go wrong sometimes. When they do, you need fast, quality repairs so that things can get back to normal as soon as possible. Always be on the lookout for signs that your AC system isn’t working properly; a repair early on can help you avoid bigger and more expensive ones later on.
  • AC Replacement: If things break down, or if that old system just doesn’t seem to be up to the job anymore, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a newer, more efficient system.

Heating Services

Our heating services match the ones we provide for your AC system:

  • Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning for Only $129. Keep your heating system running smoothly so that breakdowns at the worst times are much less likely.
  • Repairs. If things aren’t working properly and your house isn’t getting warm enough or it’s taking a lot longer to get there, we’ll come out and get things back to normal so that you and your family can get back to normal.
  • Replacement. Has your system finally given out? Are you just looking to upgrade to a newer one that performs better and saves you money and electric bills? We can install top-quality models in almost no time at all.


Sometimes when you’re too hot or too cold or you seem to be spending way too much on energy bills, the problem isn’t your furnace or your AC unit. Sometimes the problem is your thermostat. We can inspect, repair, and replace thermostats so that you’ll save on bills and your home will heat and cool faster and more efficiently.

Our Simi Valley air conditioning & heating technicians are professionally trained and equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to give you the most prompt and effective heating & air conditioning repairs in Simi Valley. From cost-saving air conditioner maintenance in Simi Valley to 24/7 heater repair in Simi Valley, you can count on our technicians for all your heating and air conditioning service needs. Only a 50 minute drive from our headquarters to Simi Valley, CA. Call us today at 1-800-321-9494 to see how we can help you in Simi Valley.


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