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HVAC Contractors Sylmar, CA: Heating & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Tune-up Services

AC Repair in Sylmar, California

Let’s face it: Sylmar is a great place to live, and the weather is pretty close to perfect for much of the year. The community sits in the shadow of the mountains and the Angeles National Forest, offering year-round recreation and escape. Stretching to the Pacific Ocean, including the spectacular Malibu Coast, and the incredible Santa Monica mountains to boot.

Still, there are days when the weather is less than ideal. One time of particular concern is summer when Southern California can see days in the triple digits and extended heat waves. It’s no time to find out you have a broken air conditioner. If that happens, you and your family could be looking at several hours sweltering in the heat as you wait for an AC repair. It isn’t comfortable, and it isn’t healthy, either.

Although it’s typically mild in the winter, the nearby ocean and its cold-water current can send storms and blasts of cold air inland, and the mountains around us can send winter temperatures down our way. Just as discovering your AC isn’t working on a hot day is something you don’t want to experience, so is finding out your heater isn’t working when a blast of winter weather hits the area. Somehow, no number of blankets layered on top of someone seems quite to do the trick when it’s cold outside, and the heat isn’t running.

Obviously, your heating and air conditioning system, more commonly referred to as your HVAC system, needs to be working properly for any of these events. In addition to keeping you comfortable, it keeps you safe and healthy because of better indoor air quality.

Benefits of Good Indoor Air Quality

Many people mostly think of HVAC systems as keeping them warm or cool as conditions warrant, but they also maintain good indoor air quality, which has several benefits:

  • Cleaner air is easier to breathe. This benefits everyone, but it especially benefits people with asthma and other respiratory conditions.
  • It’s also easier to get quality rest and sleep when air quality is better. That, in turn, makes us more energetic and focused on work and other tasks, and it makes us less likely to get sick.
  • A properly functioning HVAC system helps remove allergens, pathogens, and other contaminants from the air inside a home, another way that good air quality keeps us healthier.
  • Keeping a home cool during hot weather makes it harder for mold and fungus, which can cause foul odors (and expensive damage), to develop. A strong filtration system also helps keep those agents from getting inside a home in the first place.
  • HVAC systems delivering good air quality also balance the humidity inside a home. When it’s too humid, it can feel stuffy and moist inside, and it can also affect the ease of breathing. When it’s not humid enough, skin can be itchy and dry and even crack, people can experience nosebleeds, and static shock is more likely.
  • Good indoor air quality means a system is running efficiently, and that translates into lower utility bills.

American AC Heat Plumbing HVAC Services

HVAC systems are complicated, though, and they have a lot of working parts, so it’s hard to take a DIY approach to maintain and repair them. American AC Heat Plumbing carries a three-pronged approach to helping you and your family enjoy good indoor air quality, offering the following services: maintenance, installation, and repair.


Let’s talk about cars for a second. You know that if you don’t change your oil at the recommended intervals, your engine may not run as smoothly as it should, making repairs more likely. You even run the risk of the engine running out of oil, which can ruin it. You also know you have to bring the car in for its recommended tune-ups and other services. Why? It makes repairs less likely, identifies and addresses signs of trouble before they become big problems, and keeps you in compliance with warranty requirements. In short, it saves you a lot of inconvenience and money.

Like cars, HVAC systems are complicated and require routine care to keep them running well, avoid breakdowns, and minimize the cost and inconvenience of repairs. And the good news is that unlike having to change your engine oil every three months or so, you only need to service your heating and AC systems once a year in most cases.

Doing that will keep you and your loved ones comfortable, save you money on energy bills, identify minor problems to avoid having them become big ones, and help you meet your warranty’s terms in case a significant repair or replacement becomes necessary.

At American AC Heat Plumbing, we offer a $129 Precision Tune-Up Special. It’s a 22-point service that includes professional cleaning and a detailed inspection of every component of your system. If any adjustments and repairs are needed at that time, we’ll take care of those, too.

Our Precision Tune-Up comes with a guarantee in writing: your power bills will go down by at least $129 over the next five months following service, or you’ll get a full refund. All parts and labor are guaranteed as well over those five months. So, we believe the service pays for itself.


Maintenance goes a long way, but every mechanical system is going to need repairs from time to time.

When that happens, time is critical. Every additional second spent sweating or shivering inside a home can be further misery.

We know that, and American AC Heat Plumbing pledges to get out to your home and get things running properly as soon as possible. Our work is guaranteed just as the tune-up is; part of that guarantee is that the job isn’t finished until things are right again.

24/7 emergency service is also available for those times when a fix has to be done right away. It would be nice if HVAC systems only broke down during regular office hours, but they don’t. So if you need a repair in the middle of the night or on holiday, we’ve got you.


A brand-new HVAC system is sometimes the best way to go. Consider any of the following reasons:

  • You have an old unit nearing the end of its average lifespan. Rather than experience a breakdown at a terrible time, you may want to do the inevitable and replace it now.
  • The system has gotten to the point where the cumulative cost of repairs is now exceeding the cost of a new system, so installing a new one now makes more sense.
  • Maybe the repair costs aren’t yet exceeding those of a new system, but repairs are becoming more frequent, and the inconvenience isn’t worth it.
  • Your current system seems to be working well but is an older one. A newer, more efficient system will save you money on energy bills.

American AC Heat Plumbing will install a modern, efficient system that will take good care of you and your family for years when that time comes.

Avoid Cheapie Charlies! Go with American AC Heat Plumbing!

Finding a good HVAC contractor can be a challenge. There are many choices, some of which are “Cheapie Charlies.” These are contractors that offer rates that seem almost too good to be true, and that’s very likely because they are. In reality, this Cheapie Charlie might be uninsured, not as well experienced and equipped, or likely to surprise you with additional charges later on. These unfortunate realities, which you often have no way of seeing upfront, are how they can offer such low rates. Even worse, they sometimes do shoddy work, and then you never hear from them again.

By the time it’s all over, Cheapie Charlies can cost you a lot of time, money, and frustration. By going with a known and trusted contractor like American AC Heat Plumbing for HVAC services, you don’t have to worry about dealing with a Cheapie Charlie. We’re an L.A.-area HVAC contractor with a reputation for honesty, reliability, and quality.

American AC Heat Plumbing Residential HVAC Services for Sylmar, CA

American AC Heat Plumbing is the leader among HVAC contractors in Sylmar, 91342. Our customers rely on us for the quality, reliability, and security that earns us the trust of them and their loved ones.

Guaranteeing prompt, reliable work by our experienced, certified technicians for your peace of mind isn’t all that we do. Our company is fully licensed and insured, which is a way of assuring you that we can stand behind our guarantees of quality work that delivers promised results. With American AC Heat Plumbing, you’ll never be stuck with the bill for botched work the way you can be with a Cheapie Charlie.

We also know that letting us inside your home requires trust. All our technicians undergo background checks and drug testing, meaning you can feel safe when opening your door to them.

If you need an AC installation, repair, or tune-up by someone you can trust, contact American AC Heat Plumbing today to schedule a service!


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