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HVAC Contractors Van Nuys, CA: Heating & Air Conditioning Installation, Repair & Tune-up Services

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While Van Nuys’ climate is warm in most parts of the year, temperatures here can drop from time to time, particularly during a bad weather. The last thing you need if you are residing in or anywhere around this area is an air conditioning and heating system acting up when you need it the most. Not only will that cause annoying interruptions in your daily activities but it might spell disaster in your home in the long run, if neglected. Thankfully, you can always call American Air Conditioning & Heating & Heating for help. We are one of the very few AC and heating repair service providers in Van Nuys that families trust. Our technicians are not just fully equipped with the knowledge and experience required to handle all sorts of HVAC issues, but they are also very welcoming. You won’t have a problem sharing with them all your AC and heater concerns. Below are the different services that we provide.

Heater, American Air Conditioning & Heating

Van Nuys, CA Heating Tune Up

Normally, a furnace has to be tuned up at least once or twice a year. This may not always be advisable, as there are various issues that arise when you least expect them to. Consider having it tuned up for more than a couple of times each year.

Always be prepared to deal with heater problems so that you can spare your home and family from the ordeal brought up by a dysfunctional furnace, especially during winter. Ring up American Air Conditioning & Heating & Heating today so that we can carry out a careful assessment of your heating system.

Upon identifying the cause of the problem, we will immediately get ready to fix it. There’s no furnace problem that our technicians cannot handle. Whether it’s a crack belt, dirty filter, or a broken electric motor, we’ve got you covered. We do full tune-up, including eliminating existing black soot and combustion residue, vacuuming the fan and all sections of the equipment that are exposed to dust, and repairing and replacing broken parts.

CA AC Tune Up, American Air Conditioning & Heating

Van Nuys, CA AC Tune Up

Is your air conditioning system not cool enough? Then it’s a red flag that there’s a problem with the unit that you need to address right away. It could be caused by dirty filters or a more serious issue is brewing inside. If you think the problem is much more difficult than you can deal with yourself, contact us. It helps to entrust such a crucial task to the pros.

We will look into your AC and assess its condition. Whether it’s a dirty coil, overheated motors, or lack of refrigerant, we will find the best solutions. One of our missions is to ensure that the homes of our clients stay as energy-efficient as possible so we will eradicate anything that’s preventing your AC from working properly.

Attic Insulation Radiant Barrier, American Air Conditioning & Heating

Van Nuys, CA Attic Insulation & Radiant Barrier

To further enhance the energy efficiency of your home, we introduce the attic barrier and radiant barrier. This new insulation design for home attics features a fully covered roof decking as opposed to the standard loose-fill insulation and thermal drywall at the ceiling’s base. The radiant barrier can prevent the cold and heat from seeping inside or outside the home, allowing your HVAC system to perf

Cleaner Indoor Air, American Air Conditioning & Heating

Cleaner Indoor Air

One thing homeowners need to know is that a poorly maintained AC and heating system can lead to so many problems aside from high energy cost. If any of the rooms in your home isn’t getting enough cooling through the duct, it will most likely be damp. The longer it stays that way, the greater the likelihood of mold growth.

Molds produce spores that your family can accidentally inhale. These spores are known to cause respiratory illnesses. Some molds pose more danger than others, so you have to deal with the problem quickly before it flares up. To prevent the whole mold and mildew problem altogether, allow us to inspect and clean your HVAC system on a regular basis.

Besides molds, other pollutants may get deposited in your unit or in the duct system if you fail to clean it regularly. If these pollutants consist of toxic substances, your family will be in grave danger. This is why it is crucial to get in touch with professional HVAC system maintenance companies like American Air Conditioning & Heating & Heating for servicing at least every quarter.

Green Safty Duck, American Air Conditioning & Heating

Van Nuys, CA Green Safety Ductwork

If your home seems leaking heat or cool despite its excellent insulation, there must be something wrong with the duct system. It’s either too worn out that it can no longer convey air successfully into your home or its installation is just not as stellar as you wanted it to be. We have a solution for that—Green Safety Ductwork.

This innovative solution allows your home to preserve as much of your well-needed heat or cold as possible, which consequently helps you make the most out of your furnace and AC. Our Green Safety Ductwork can do a lot for your family and your home. Aside from eliminating hot and cold spots throughout your home, it also reduces the possibility for mold growth in your ductwork. This design will help lower your electricity bills by as much as 30 percent.

Green Safty Duck, American Air Conditioning & HeatingGreen Safty Duck2, American Air Conditioning & Heating Green Safty Duck3, American Air Conditioning & Heating

What Sets Us Apar, American Air Conditioning & Heating

What Sets Us Apart

You may think that American Air Conditioning & Heating & Heating is just another HVAC company. As soon as you experience our outstanding services, you will realize that you couldn’t be more wrong about us. Because we have our own HVAC system and a home and family to protect from extreme temperatures and pollutants, we take each project to a personal level. It’s really never just a job for us. We want you and your family to feel as comfortable and safe inside your home as possible.

If you think your home HVAC system needs some servicing, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will listen to you very carefully so that we can understand the problem even before we get to your home to conduct a thorough inspection. Then we will provide the most effective solution to bring your HVAC system and home back to their working condition. To learn more about our company and services, visit our Contact page and fill out the form today.

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