We all know how unpredictable the weather can be when it comes to the San Fernando Valley. One day it is perfectly pleasant and the next day a heat wave hits. For this kind of weather that sneaks up on you without any warning, it’s best to be prepared.

It is important to make sure your AC is in perfect working condition. Time to call your friendly HVAC technician for inspection and tune up.

Go for Pro!

Hiring a professional HVAC technician over a D.I.Y job should be the way to go about this. A certified technician will have the know-how and expertise to conduct a proper AC tune up and inspection. The technician will also be able to rate your AC efficiency and energy saving levels and advise you further regarding any decisions that need to be made.

An HVAC technician will do a more thorough job too, conducting vent checks, insulation checks, filter replacements, and deep cleaning.

Checking Refrigerant Levels

“Refrigerant” is how your unit converts warmer air into a cool air. Making sure that you have the right level of refrigerant is important. Trained AC technicians are able to check, and refill when needed.

The Air Filter

In the San Fernando valley, air filters get clogged up pretty easily. Ensuring that the air filter is dust and dirt free to keep the air quality good is equally important. This may be a quick fix by anyone but it is always part of a thorough tune up.

Make sure that you get your AC tune up scheduled soon so you are prepared when the heat tries to sneak up on you!

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