As the winter months approach, it is time to prepare for cooler weather. One of the most important steps to take as temperatures begin to drop is to inspect your furnace for proper operation.

Typically, regular maintenance and tune-ups can help a furnace last more than a decade. However, like all other appliances in your home, a furnace will eventually have to be replaced. With proper preparation and knowledge, you can identify the signs that indicate a furnace is nearing the end of its life. If you find yourself in this situation, American AC Heat Plumbing is prepared to assist you with your furnace replacement.

Our customers often find that a furnace replacement is imminent when one or more of these symptoms occur:

  • Hike in Energy Bill – While steep energy bills can be caused by other appliances, an aging furnace could also be the root cause. If you notice that your winter energy bills are unusually high, an aging furnace can be the culprit.
  • Dust and Dirt in Rooms – A furnace that is about to reach the end of its life will fail to filter the dust and air particles while blowing hot air inside the rooms. As a result, you will notice unusual amounts of dust and dirt particles accumulating in your rooms. Call American AC Heat Plumbing for the best furnace repair service in Los Angeles, and get your furnace checked thoroughly.
  • Excess Humidity – When the furnace is running optimally, the interior of your home will be comfortable without excess humidity. If you find that your house feels humid, we suggest having the furnace checked.
  • Uneven Heating – If your furnace is running properly, the rooms will be heated evenly If you find some parts of the home to be hot while other areas seem colder, it may be a sign of a failing furnace.
  • Weird Noises – Furnaces make a certain amount of noise when they run. However, a furnace that makes strange noises or loud sounds when it runs should be inspected.
  • Frequent Repair Jobs – A prominent sign of a failing furnace is a consistent need for repair. If you find your furnace requires service every few months, and the repairs are not lasting very long, it is likely time to replace it.
  • Light and Sensors – Gas furnaces have pilot lights, which burn blue when operating normally. If the furnace is not running properly, it will turn yellow. Additionally, modern furnaces have sensors to indicate any malfunctions or faults. Check your furnace manual to determine the cause of any error codes.

Finding the Right Teammate for Furnace Replacement

You want to be sure you find the right partner to replace your furnace. American AC Heat Plumbing offers all types of furnace repair and replacement services at competitive rates. Call 1-800-321-9494 to learn more about our services as well as our Service Club for discounts and special offers throughout the year.


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