People only get concerned about air quality when they are stepping out of their house, especially people in the San Fernando Valley cites of North Ridge and Sherman Oaks. They  think that the outside environment is laden with harmful particles. The fact, however, is that the air you breathe even when you are at home isn’t always completely free of pollutants. It can be as filled with pollution as the air outside your home if you are not maintaining your central air conditioning system properly. Here are some tips that can help you keep air pollution in your house to a minimum:

Clean the AC Ducts

Dust particles can gather over the duct walls of your heating or air conditioning system. These particles are one of the major reasons that your house gets polluted. To avoid this, it is important to get your duct pipes cleaned professionally every five years. In addition to freeing your house of pollutants, this will also make your air conditioning system more efficient. If you have an air conditioning repair appointment coming up, schedule a cleaning alongside.

Choose the Correct Filter for Your System

A pleated filter is usually added to your air conditioning system to remove small dust particles and allergens from the air. To ensure that these filters are performing efficiently, they should be changed every month. On the other hand, media filter are present in the system to remove large dust particles, and these need to be changed every three months to work efficiently. However, if you have severe allergies, you should consider getting a HEPA filter instead that delivers the most efficient performance.

Include a Ductwork Cleaning Device

A whole-house cleaning system can also be added to your air conditioning system in order to improve the air quality inside your house. These cleaners have the potential of catching all types of dust particles, viruses, bacteria and other pollutants that might be contaminating the air inside. You can easily get this done when your next air conditioning repair is scheduled.

Allow Natural Air to Enter the House

Leaving your house without natural air will only lead to increased pollution as the moisture levels in your house would increase, causing mold and bacteria. The best way to counter this is to allow sunshine and natural air to enter your house. On sunny days, when the heat isn’t too unbearable, open the windows of your house and let in natural light. This would lower the humidity levels in your house, keeping the air around you healthy.

Follow these simple tips and you will have fresh, healthy and free-of-pollution air inside your house at all times.

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