Understanding the weather of the Greater Los Angeles Area isn’t an easy task to accomplish due to the various microclimates this area experiences. While the general temperature of the basin is defined as hot and humid, the residents of San Fernando Valley are going to be ill-prepared for the harsh weather they would come across if they go by that definition. The local atmospheric variations in the valley are quite different from that of Los Angeles basin, which can make it quite a challenge to handle Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance. If you are not well-prepared, you will end up stuck with a non-functional AC during an extremely dry summer season.

The Weather Pattern around the Year in San Fernando Valley

The first thing you should be prepared for when living in San Fernando Valley is extreme dry weather. Due to the mountain ranges that surround the valley, no coastal or inland winds enter the area, and the drizzle is minimal, leaving little moisture in the air. Drought-like conditions and water restrictions are quite common during the summer season in the valley. Even in winters, the desert-like climate of the area remains dry, albeit cold. The summer season is usually late to arrive in this area, typically starting around June, so the hottest months you might experience are September and October.

From November to March, the rainfall is moderate, but the heaviest rainfall is experienced in January and February, when extensive rainstorms hit the area. The best months in the valley are April, May, and June when the weather is moderate and optimal, and everything in the valley is blossoming. A natural haze persists in the valley year-round due to the trapped air, and the clearest days are usually seen after rainstorms when this smog is cleared off for a short time.

Planning Your Heating & Air Conditioning Repairs at the Right Time

If you are living in San Fernando Valley, you wouldn’t like being stuck in the extreme conditions of the area without proper heating and air conditioning. Therefore, getting your heating and AC repaired at the right time is particularly important. April and May are probably the best months when you should check your air conditioning and see if it needs maintenance or repairs throughout the coming summer season.

Due to the heavy rainfall that comes in earlier months, most air conditioning systems have trouble starting up. However, your AC would require one more tune-up around August before extreme dry weather arrives in the following months. You would also need to get your air conditioning and heating system checked after the “Devil Santa Ana” winds pass through the area because even the best-maintained air conditioning and heating systems don’t survive these harsh winds unscathed.

If you plan your Heating & Air Conditioning maintenance and repair setups according to the seasonal changes in the valley, you will definitely have a better and less harsh season. Make sure you don’t end up with faulty air conditioning systems when you need them the most.

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