Faults That Lead to Energy Consumption Lower your energy bills

Lower your energy bills by cutting back on energy consumption. Sound easy?  It is!

Cutting back on energy consumption is a huge deal to most home and business owners. Lower your energy bills by cutting back in small ways. There are a multitude of blunders that people make that prevent their air conditioning units from running properly. This article will list simple but effective ways to lower energy bills by reducing consumption.

Overspending is not an option for those who know that a penny saved is a penny earned.

How to save on your energy bill

How to save on your energy bill is a question asked by many. Are you looking to save on energy? If you’re not, then I want your income because you have more dollars than sense.

Cutting back on energy consumption

What can you do to feel secure knowing your AC unit is working correctly? We’ve already established that most people don’t want to make mistakes that lead to using too much energy. Cutting back on energy consumption in small ways can add up to big savings. A lower energy bill and a little extra cha ching and a ling a ling in your pocket will make most people sing all the way to the bank.

The very first thing you should do is do regular maintenance on your unit. We know you live in California, San Fernando Valley, Northridge, Canogo Park , North Hollywood or another gorgeous weather city in good ol’ Cali. The weather year-round is superb for the most part. Still, we all use energy. There are cut-and-dried ways to save.

  1. Its been said before now we hear it again. Change or wash your air filter often. If not, it chokes the air flow of the air conditioner. This causes the AC unit to work twice as hard to cool your space. Its a simple fix that a lot of consumers overlook in a big way.
  2. Do inspections of your air conditioning units often. You should have your air conditioner inspected by a professional once per year. The air conditioning and repair service will inspect the outside of your air conditioner to see if there is anything clogging within your unit. You need to establish that the unit is free and clear of any rubbish that could cause a future issue. If you have a window unit, your service repair company will sometimes take a wire to make sure that the drain is open.
  3. Are your window units the right size? Many people waste tons of energy by placing the wrong size units in the wrong size rooms. A small window ac will not adequately cool a large room area. It stands to reason. Your ac will run and run trying hard to cool a large area and to little avail. In turn, if you put a large AC unit in a small room it actually wastes a lot of energy. As the room cools the compressor kicks off, but the fan motor will continue to blow air. This may sound like common sense but a large percentage of homeowners and businesses do make the mistake of putting the wrong size air conditioners in rooms that need cooled off.
  4. Pay attention to the thermostat. Many people do not give much deliberation to the thermostat if they have an HVAC or Central Air unit. Many times they will place appliances near the thermostat. If the appliance is throwing off any heat, it undermines everything. The heat from the appliance hits the sensor on the thermostat and causes the unit to signal the AC to kick on.

You could also raise the temp on the thermostat. Professionals say that for every degree you raise the thermostat will save you 5% on the energy bill. So basically, this would be a see how cool you have to have the temp in order to stay comfortable.

These are just part of the mistakes that people make with their air conditioning units that cost them money. Are you making some of these with your AC unit? Check with your Northern California air conditioning repair and replacement service to learn more.

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